Take them back!

Having a full class is over-rated.

Now that my two kids are back from their classroom hiatus (broken leg in hospital and holiday to Macedonia respectively), I have barely had a student away in the last couple of weeks. Every day I sit down and we mark the roll together, and everyone is here. Down to the same kids every day who always waltz in ten minutes late. Drives me crazy how predictable it is!

T. (the kid with the broken leg) isn't too bad. He's a noisy bugger, but he was doing hospital school during his stay, and his mum was insanely over the top about me giving him work while he was off school. I virtually photocopied bits out of my teaching programme for her to give to him; spelling, maths quizzes, journals and dozens of worksheets and home readers. He's back, he's chatty, but he is alright. Mum still scares me though, I've taken to sort of hiding as much as possible, otherwise I'm stuck talking to her for hours on end every afternoon about the same old stuff.

D. on the other hand? Is downright giving me the shits. His family took him to Macedonia for a HOLIDAY, for three and a half months. He left in Term 2, missed most of that, and also missed nine weeks of Term 3. He wasn't brilliant to start with, but I had just started making some progress with him, especially with his writing. Now? He's gone majorly backwards. Reading, writing, attitude, even his English - all suffering.


He's taken to disrupting my class, which had settled down a lot. He has the maturity of a fly, thinks he's funny when he is just a twit, and has found himself already in trouble within a week of being back. Mmm-bleh. I'm disliking him alot. Especially after this afternoon.

""Miss, your belly is so very huge, it looks like you're going to have a baby. Look how huge it is!"

What's that, D? You want an "E" on your report card? Righty-o then! Hardi-har-har. Turd!

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LaLa said...

Now. As I am not his Teacher I feel that I can quite comfortably come out with the statement you really want to say...

What a little fuck.

Pardon my language and all but how dare he! I am infuriated for you


Belinda Howlett said...

YES KING D is a LITTLE SHIT!!!! I think his mum wipes his arse for him too!!!
Just tell him you wont be letting him go to year 3 - he can repeat year 2 with ME and I will make his life a living HELL!!!!!

Belinda Howlett said...

OH shit - my name went with that little outburst!!!!! Sorry mister education department man - I promise I will be good and not have evil thoughts about D. Everyone needs a vent dont they!!!!

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