Just another weekend

And isn't time flying?

For some reason, this week has been very hectic. Taking extra sports practice teams at lunchtime, visiting other schools, going away on buses - everything has been go, go, go. And I tagged along too, of course.

Visited the gym each day, now we're off the "babied" version and onto the real thing - all by ourselves! Hoorah! I even have a spiffy little paper card (or not so spiffy) that tells me what weights to use. I'll be back on Monday after work. Heee. I am still embarrassed that I even LOOK at gym equipment and I turn the colour of a ripe tomato that has been doused with water. Seriously. The sweat factor is embarrassing - my hair just gets dark with it. You'd think I'd run a 10k marathon or something.

I was majorly disappointed that Ticketek decided to be a turd today - and Jason wasn't able to get John Mayer tickets for Kirby and I. Not his fault, but fucking Ticketek - I could go after them with a shoe. Or even two shoes. No John Mayer. THAT'S TWO CONCERTS I'VE MISSED! I even saved enough to go. Not fair, so not fair. How I hate thee, Ticketek.

HAPPY FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Well, for yesterday. Four years! How on Earth does he put up with it? Hee.

Not that I'm complaining. I love him very, very much. He bought me flowers (apparently because I whine about never getting them - gotta love him!) and a beautiful card and a contribution towards my gym fund. Love, Love, Love.

Tomorrow sees me drive out to Kirby's place (deary me, I hope I don't get lost) - it then sees us drive to the airport to meet JULIE! I am very excited, but a wee bit nervous too - about the drive, mainly. Once I'm there, it will be good. I wonder if there's one of those car wash swishy machines on the way. Perhaps the girls will be good enough to come along with me - the thought of going through one by myself freaks me out. It's like the making of a really dodgy horror movie.

Will update soon - have a good weekend, loves.

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LaLa said...

i shall be sunning myself in the backyard for Schoonee's birthday barbie! Woohoo! x

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