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I don't particularly feel like marking books right now, so instead, I think I shall do some whining.

I've found myself getting very irritable lately with the kidlets here. Perhaps it's because it is coming up to the end of term 3 (already - I know!), perhaps it's because I'm tired, perhaps I'm just a mean ol' grouch. Anything is possible. But the smallest things are bugging me.

# Danny and his stupid stubbornness.
# Messy tables. And messy floors. And messy, unsharpened pencils.
# The two kids who have been off class for the last three months, that arrive back and disrupt EVERYTHING. And make a big fuss about doing it. And their parents. Who expect everything to be perfect for said kids, despite the fact that THEY took them out of school for the WHOLE DAMN TERM.
# The kids whining about the fans being on in the classroom. It's HOT, damnit, and I'm the teacher, so just let me keep the fans on before I overheat already!
# Why must the kids forget to use capital letters every time?
# Why do they not do a margin, or make it a complete mess, when it drives me completely insane seeing messy books?
# Why are my kids fabulous spellers (mostly), yet when it comes to doing a writing task, they cannot spell a word right?
# Why do other teachers feel the need to drop comments that basically imply "Gee, your class isn't doing as well as the other 1/2 class?"

Having this 1/2 class kills me sometimes. I love them, they're great for the most part - but when I have some kids that could happily do their times tables until their faces turned blue, and I have some kids that don't even remember their 2x tables, despite doing them every day, blech! I don't quite know what to do! I split them into ability groups as often as I can, but even then, am I doing enough? Am I doing it right?

Oh, and another thing.

Why do I always feel so bad about taking a day off when I am legitimately sick (five damn flus this year, anyone?) yet today there are heaps of other teachers not on class and that's completely okay? Growl! I think I need some serious shopping therapy, or at least someone to whinge to today, and tell me to snap out of it.

P.S. Mum and I are starting Lite and Easy for a week starting tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes, and if the food tastes like cardboard. Random, but good. I'm off to slouch around and be grumpy again. Hoorah!

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kirby said...

hoorah for grumpy!
I swear it's the change in the weather... sucks. I wanted to squirt some little girl in the head with the hose today because she cried when I turned it on....*stare* That's horribly mean of me, I know... but...*shrugs*..
we're all entitled to bad days, I suppose.

LaLa said...

I was out your way today and it was so freaking hot,

I was delighted to be in a full suit, stockings, high heels and a face full of makeup.

I am melting...


PS I don't think you need Light and Sleazy!

Ngaire Brown said...

The end of term is always yuck. It turns normally nice mannered people into pigs. Trust me. Iwas one last week. Stay home if you need to. We have teachers that stay at home on the first sign of a sniffle and they give the other teachers who are legimately sick a hard time. Unfortunately there are people like that in our profession.

Jenny said...

Keep up the good work! You're doing the work of a saint.

Jenny said...

I should have capitalized Saint, huh?

thebizofknowledge said...

To be perfectly frank with you, I don't consider this "whining" at all. I think all of us in this profession need to vent on occasion--okay, regularly--to our peers or to anyone who will listen. Then we can return to the classroom, regroup, and try our darndest to do our best for our students.

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