Damnit EzyDVD!

NOW how the heck am I supposed to start my Gilmore Girls viewing session? Huh? HUH!?

Seasons 2 and 3 arrived on Monday. I can't even START watching yet, because I refuse to watch them out of order.

I'm still waiting for Seasons 1 and 4, even though they only shipped A DAY after the others. If they're lost in the mail, I may scream. And send of nasty emails. And scream some more.

But Season 3 is in a weird plastic packagey thing, and has a big giant red padlock on the side - not a REAL padlock, per say, but it has a locking mechanism. I can see the green padlock, however there is no way to unlock it unless I take a large sledgehammer and bash the crap out of the packaging.

And I like my DVDs too much to risk that.

So I emailed them, thinking I was having a very blonde moment and that there was some really obvious way of unlocking the discs that I wasn't aware of. This is what I recieved.

Hi Aly,

Thankyou for letting us know.

We apologise for this inconvenience however that tag should have been removed, so can we please suggest that you take it to a store to be removed for you. Perhaps you can call them first to advise that you will be doing so to avoid confusion when you get there.

No shit!? I'm not crazy? They sent me a locked dvd. Damnit!

Now I'm allowed to whinge, because whinging is what I do best. Now I have to wait until I get time to go to an actual EzyDVD store just so I can open the damn box. And I didn't BUY my stupid DVDs from the store. I bought it from the ONLINE WEBSITE. Fuckers!

(Yes, I realise I won't get up to Season 3 in a very long time, but this is just a pain in the ass.) Can't they send me some freebies or something to make up for it? Or at least have Seasons 1 and 4 (which are mysteriously floating around in post office land at the moment) arrive on my doorstep PRONTO?


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jen said...

I have I got this right... this tag is SO confusing, the store needs prior warning that you and your tag will be arriving so they can prepare themselves... yet they sent it out like that to you, a non-employee. Okaaay...

LaLa said...


ezydude said...

Hi Alyndabear,
I found your site from your blog about Gilmore Girls DVD (cool site btw). I am the General Mgr of EzyDVD - sounds like we did a good job messin' you around with the red tag security device - not sure how or why this happened but please accept our apologies for this oversight. If you let me know your ezydvd user ID by email I will ensure that we provide you something to even the ledger. Hope your Gilmore Girl DVD's all arrived in tact, and you had a good viewing session.

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