Aly + Life = Omg!

These comings weeks will bring me more outings than I've had in the entire year..

.. And I'm SO excited!

Friday night (yes, THIS Friday night) is The Fray ~ Jen! Kirby! The Fray! I am so excited, I'm planning on taking a bazillion photos so that there will be at least ONE decent one of me and my gal-pals. Fray Fray Fray! Saturday I plan on kidnapping Jen until the afternoon or whenever she has to leave, and we shall be girls and do girly things. Hoorah!

Next weekend, my darling Stefi is back in Australia ~ Stefi we've stalked a few times now, in Italy and last year when she came to visit. I'm nabbing a night out on the town with her when she's here, which should be amazing.  Fweee!  It's been a while since I've drunk, perhaps this will be the time to break the habit? (P.S. Last Friday did not count, since we were at home, and I wasn't even tipsy, alright?)

And the FOLLOWING weekend, is Julie weekend! Julie lives in Melbourne, and even though we've talked for years and years, we've never managed to catch up. So, it's another girly session, which I'm looking forward to!

This having a life business sounds exhausting, but I'm really hyper about it all. And of course, I will always squish Jase in there as well, because I don't see him enough at the best of times -- Have I mentioned that in 2 weeks, it will be our four year anniversary?

I think I like September so far.

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Hana said...

4 years?!?!?!

Has it really been that long? wow, either i'm getting old, senile, can't keep track of time or... well let's go with all of the above ;)

Congratulations on the anniversary and on the plentiful September :)

Jen said...

I watched the video (in silence, coz its late) and imagined you doing the moves and giggled (in silence, of course).


Jen said...

video being in the following entry, for those playing at home, but I figured Aly was smart enough to know what I meant by "the video".

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