Nothing Special

Howdy, from Jason's house.

I figured I should at least type this up now, in case I forget this evening. Had a lovely evening yesterday; why does food always taste better when it's cooked by someone else? J. made apricot chicken and rice, followed by my second favourite dessert - apple crumble! I'll give a dollar (or not) to the person who knows my all-time favourite..

It's Sunday already. It really isn't fair that weekends go so quickly, but the rest of the week takes its leisurely time. Tonight we are meeting up with Stefi (hoorah!) ~ if I had no school tomorrow, we would have been meeting in the city somewhere, but instead, Stef is coming out here so we can take her to dinner in the 'burbs.

Don't know where we are going yet, I keep suggesting the cute little Mexican restaurant that is around here. We haven't been in ages, and it's something different! Who knows. We might just end up going to a cafe somewhere in Parramatta. Have to wait and see!

Not much to write about in fact; I'm being a nanna again and worrying about Jen. You wouldn't think she is actually older than me, right? I'm a weirdo.

AND.. I have a split bottom lip. I don't know how I managed to get it cut, maybe just dry lips overnight? Now it's sore, and it looks like I've taken a piercing out or something. My brother is the one with the lip piercing(s), not me. Yuck! Bring on the Vaseline -- oh wait, I probably shouldn't have written that. Who knows what searches will be looking up Vaseline with Piercings?

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Jen said...

So you've moved on to being my nanna now? Not even my momma? I am fine, at home safe.

*unrelated, DO NOT PANIC*

I do need to talk to you, I know you're out tonight so I guess it will be tomorrow afternoon? Great.

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