Penny and Me

Sad news, this weekend has brought.

Yesterday was great - meeting Julie for the first time (even though it felt like we'd known each other forever!) and having a nice girly weekend once again.

Until I got the text message; One of my beautiful mice, Penny, passed away. We have no idea what happened, she just left us - and I'm really quite surprised how sad I am over such a small creature. I was upset yesterday when mum told me (especially since she had been fine in the morning, she had even given me her usual sniff and cuddle in the morning).

But then I came home today and completely lost it. I loved that mouse. She was the only one of the three that actually responded to people POSITIVELY. The others are still quite shy, but Penny? She would always (ALWAYS) come and greet you when you walked near the cage. She was my favourite, and the kids favourite too - because she actually enjoyed being held and loved.

Here are some of my favourite pics - and it's bittersweet that I decided to use a beautiful pic of me and Penny for my new blog header a couple of weeks ago. Photo credit for some of these goes to Jen. I can't believe just how miserable this makes me, and just makes you realise how fragile life is.

Thankyou Penny, for the hours of entertainment, the sweetness you showed to the kids, and for being the cutest (and smallest) damn mouse I have ever had.

I'm going to miss you.

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LaLa said...

I am so sorry Aly - xxxxx

~Kathryn~ said...


Jen said...

Goodbye beautiful Penny. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you.

Tasmiya said...

Aly, I'm so very sorry.

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