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As you might know, I'm always amused by the way people find my ramblings.

Usually it's via Sunday Scribblings or Amalah (through the comments) OR looking for lyrics to Stabilo or Eskimo Joe. I've become highly visited for my "Because I Am Helpful" post apparently. Hah.

Sadly, I didn't realise Typepad wiped the old visitors stats pages after a while, I had some beauties saved in there that I didn't bother to write down. So therefore, I'm now in panic mode to at least copy down the searches into WordPad before the blog eats them all.

These are some of the most recent ones which I found amusing.

"How to tackle fussy parents .. kindergarten teachers?"

I have to say I'm a bit confused -- was this person wanting to know how to tackle fussy parents, or fussy kindergarten teachers? All parents are fussy, and I think they have a right to be. I know I'll be a fussy parent one day, especially in regards to their education, because I'm a teacher too. I'll probably be a really annoying parent to the teachers, I can see it now. As for the how to tackle them part - is there really a solution to this? Smile and nod? Really, I'd have to just say respect their concerns. If you're a parent, you'll know what I mean; your kids are off at school for 6 hours of every day - the classroom teachers see them and interact with them more than you probably get a chance to, what with work and the rest. Of course you're curious to find out what's been going on in that time! Does that make you fussy? I don't know. But it's something that I can understand as a teacher, and I'm not even a parent. Wow. That was deep.

"Can you mix Nurofen with Panadeine Forte?"

Er, I don't know, but I don't suggest you use my blog for medical advice. -wink- Not the smartest tool in the shed in that department.

"What to write for thankyou for sympathy"

What does that even mean? The grammar is killing my brain. Help! Help!

"Shoes and socks"

That was it. So I don't quite know how to even comment on that one. I do wear shoes and socks. Do you?

"How to know if someone is shy or rude"

I couldn't even help you there love.To me, I'd go with shy - unless the person was being openly and obviously rude. But that's just because I tend to be on the shy side myself. Anyway. If you figure out a sure-fire way to tell the difference, please let me know.

"Free Writing: Dirty"

I beg your pardon? Dirty? Haha! If you've come looking for a dirty blog, you're in the wrong place. Sorry lads. But as for the Free Writes, yes, go find that link. Is good. Also recommend Sunday Scribblings. Is also good. That is all.

"Purple People Eater mask"

Obviously when I did this EXACT SAME SEARCH a few weeks ago looking for Purple People Eater masks, I didn't find anything to help me, which is why I resorted to painting a paper plate purple and cutting a hole out of it. Talent, I tell you. If only I had thought to look at my own blog for inspiration. Boo! What a letdown this must have been, considering I haven't even taken a picture of the damn mask yet and oh crap, where did I actually put the mask? Erm.

"Bitchy workplace"

Having problems? Do tell me about them, because like I've mentioned previously, I am nosy. And want to know everything!

"Monty Python - Meaning of Life: restaurant vomit clips"

This one cracked me up. That projectile vomit scene still makes me laugh, in fact, the whole movie does because it is so strangely amusing! Now I must go hunt down the DVD, I'm having the urge to laugh at topless ladies chasing men off cliffs. Hang on! Maybe this is how that dirty free-writing pervert found me! Topless ladies! Topless ladies! Overload! Overload! Meep!

Oh how I wish these visitors would leave me some comment loving. Comments make my day! I can't wait to see what Google searches will bring people to my humble little blog in the near future.. until next time!

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~Kathryn~ said...

purple people eater was in my room - i put it in yours !!!!

i love seeing what people find you from .. i unfortunately used the words PHOTOGRAPH and ANAL in one post .... so you can imagine who comes looking for me !!!!!

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

lol funny some of the things that lead to your site. I get some odd ones too though I haven't checked in a while so after I stop laughing maybe I will.

Note to self: Self if you ever somehow consider using photograph and anal in a post.....dont.


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