Australian Idol Thursday Semis

When will the Idol entries STOP??

Okay, after tonight, I'm having a break. Until Sunday. Heeee.

I picked it again - Lisa and Lavina. (I think I should be getting some sort of prize for this.)

Boo to dragged out Idol shows. I thought we'd gotten rid of that this year, but no apparently not. I wandered away during the backstage crap, Guy crap (sorry Jess) and Anthony Callea crap (sorry any Anthony lovers), Dan England crap (not sorry to any Dan fans, he was a snob last year and refused to come and meet the fans waiting outside, so boo on you and your stupid song DAN) but blah blah blah, whatever, cut to the wildcards please so I can go blog.

Brother Chris - No surprises there. Anyone think he looks just like that Courtney dude? (insert sarcasm here.)
Boner Boy - Ewww. What the hell? I can't even remember what freaking song he sung in his semi-final, what would they bring him back for? And he wears stupid lame hats and has caterpillars for eyebrows.
Nathaniel aka Stool Boy - He wasn't too bad, so that's an alright choice. And a cutie too, though not as cute as HOT FLUSH INDUCING DEAN, OMG, SO HOT.
Rocker Momma Amanda - Yay! That's all! Grrroooowwwl.
Saggy Boob Klancie - Heee, I'm all happy for her. AND her boobs seemed perkier tonight. Found a good bra perhaps? I may have to change her title!
Mutto - Bleurrrrgh. Another what the.. Sucked.
Wobble Boy (Chris) - I hated this guy. He wobbled too much. And he sang badly. And wobbled. And danced badly. Did I mention he wobbled?
Pretty Boy Ricky - Glad he got in, he deserved it. I'm surprised the girlies didn't vote for him the first time over the Talking Mullet, heee, but I'm glad that Bobby got in. Hoorah!

I think that Lydia girl was expecting to be picked, she looked pretty cut up while the rest of the -cough- losers were sitting down there. I don't know, I thought she was alright but not spectacular - I just can't wait for the actual Top 12 performances to start, they're so much more interesting than the auditioning part. Although I've enjoyed it so far this year..

Now I'm in the mood to go to be in the audience again! Minus the 'blah blah blah let's see how much time we can eat up' part of the show.

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~Kathryn~ said...

ohhh - shouldn't post 'hotness' pics - toooooo hot

i know the boy talent was overall better than the girls this year - but i thought they were gonna take two from each show ... makes the voting a waste of time really

Jess said...

Gasp! Blashempher @ Guy!! hahahaha. He was sooooooo .... cute :D

Im really disappointed in the wildcards.


haha. You're so brutal in your reviews LOL. I love it!

Jen said...

I cracked up when I saw you posted a picture of Dean at the end. You're obsessed, girly :P

Tasmiya said...


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