The Dental Blog (Part 3)


I had the needle! I had the big filling! I dribbled on the dentist! I have a cheek more puffed up than a balloon!

And I don't need to go back to the dentist for at least 6-12 months.


Except I forgot to eat breakfast before my 9am appointment, it's now 11am, I'm a wee bit hungry AND I can't eat until I can feel my face again. Damn.

But I'm alive! And with non-holey teeth. And I have found a dentist I would not be petrified to go back to in the future, thank goodness. Although I could still smack the receptionist for being so gorgeous and having the whitest teeth I've ever seen.

Have a great Saturday! I am off to, well, mope around on my own today.

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-Hana- said...

OMG! that's so freaky... Anthony had a 9am dentist appointment this morning too... AND he forgot to have breakfast so couldn't eat 'til way later... AND he couldn't feel his face from the gigantic needle!!

OMG! coincidence? yeaaaaaaaaa stranger things have happened ;)

Tasmiya said...

Another coincidence - have been spending an awful lot of time at the dentist lately :( and I still need to get one more filling done. Bad bad me for not flossing.

I'm glad everything went well - now don't forget your next checkup in 6 months!

~Kathryn~ said...

you are such a big brave girl ;-)

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