Australian Idol Wildcard Show

And you thought my Idol posts were over!

Tonights show started with Andrew G sporting a stripey t-shirt I swear I've seen a million times before, as well as washed hair, methinks. And James, looking suave as ever. Have I mentioned here that I have met Jimmy before, and completely annoyed the crap out of him? (I won't go into it here because it's really not all that important, but omg, I was on TV in the last series of Idol and it's probably my only claim to fame!)

The highlight of tonight's show? Seeing the Top 12 contestants so far, sitting there looking completely and utterly bored. Sideshow Bobby was staring off into space (communicating with his lovely home planet, perhaps?),  Little Lisa looked like she would rather be at home in bed, and it looks as though someone JUST woke Lavina up; who actually wears a full white Adidas tracksuit with bedhead on national television?

First up was Boner Boy, who finally listened to my telepathic pleas to take the damn hats and grandpa jumpers off and throw them in the trash. Although his hair was sort of ick, so I can see now why he wears them. May I suggest he puts them back on? I've now dubbed his movements tonight the "limbo dance"; the whole grooving down to the floor making almost-obscene crotch gestures disturbed me. As did his eyebrows. Didn't like his prancing, did like the song mix-up though. I don't think he should make the Top 12 though.

I was very sorry to see that Stool Boy Nathaniel wasn't actually using a stool tonight. -sniff- Instead, he replaced his funky look with his pimping pinstripe suit, and that hair; man, how I'd love to have the female equivalent of those curls. He sang alright tonight, but it sounded an awful lot like plain old karaoke. Perhaps he'll get the old lady vote? I don't even have anything else to say, so his performance wasn't that wonderful.

Next up was Redneck Klancie WHO HAS APPARENTLY DISCOVERED BRASSIERES! Fabulous - except the outfit she was wearing was completely Supre-ish and horrid. Redneck woman, indeed. Seeing as though my mum is completely bonkers about that song and I've had plenty of first-hand listening to it, I'd have to say that she did an average job. Mum sings it just as well, if not better though! I still really like Klancie, but the country music will be the death of me. Hee. She cracked me up with her grammar though; someone please translate this: Just gonna make me even wanna try harder! Wtf?

What were the judges thinking when they invited Wobbly Graffiti Boy into the Wildcard show? Seriously! Another song that I love that ended up ruined. Ruined because of the damn wobbling! The squint eye paired with the wibble-wobble is not going to be the new Macarena. No freaking way. He was bouncing so much that the bloody cameras couldn't even keep up with him, let alone me at home who was going into convulsions. Blech.

On to Mutto who is starting to act as though he's too fabulous for words. Thank God for the beanie. I hated this, even though everyone else will probably like it. But I've been a fan of BFRW for months now, and it just seemed too overdone. All the slow motion hand movements and stuff, ack. I almost couldn't watch. I don't think his voice is that bad (except for some shocking moments in the song!) but I only found it listenable because I was waiting to hear how he'd ruin the song. Heh! Marks' head actually does sound hollow - but I agreed with him. Didn't like it.

My dad joined us watching Idol at this point, and tuned in long enough to hear Jimmy introduce the next singer; Amanda Silvertits. (Don't ask me how he heard this, I don't know, perhaps he's been watching The Meaning of Life too?) I actually preferred her Powderfinger number tonight over the Pink song last week; but I'm already starting to get a bit tired of her same old raspy voice. At least she's trying though; and she had a nice corset top on. Ugly shoes though. Interesting that the judges have had a bit of an abrupt change of heart towards her; I thought Mark wanted her to have his babies at one point.

And now for the taller and better looking version of Anthony Callea, Pretty Boy Ricky! He's finally one who should be in the Top 12; he's cute, he can sort of sing and he can sort of move. Isn't that enough? Just vote the damn kid through already (even if his facial expressions were really, really creepy tonight, and I thought he was going to swallow the microphone at one stage.)

And to finish off the night with Brother Chris, how predictable Idol is! We didn't even have to hear him sing a word; isn't it already too bloody obvious he'll be in the Top 12? A bit like Lavina -- It's all just too organised here for cynical little me. Heee. His shirt said "Woo" for a while there, that was amusing. Whatever. I sort of like him even if he is a bit weird, but what does it matter what I think, seeing as he's probably already moved into the damn Idol house already?

So that is it for tonights show. I'm debating whether to join in and watch tomorrow, because I can smell the time fillers from here. Don't forget Shannon Noll! And other filling-in-time stuff! And Shannon Noll! Yep.

And I'm not giving tool points out tonight because.. oh, well, actually, I suppose I can give SOME out. To the annoying Garnier hair products adverts, and their excessive use of the "Woo Woo!" noise. That's all. And yes, I am possibly just jealous because I want my hair to look like the blonde chick in the ads' hair, and damnit, I used Fructis and MY HAIR DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT, BITCH! So nyer to Garnier and their "Woo Woo!" -- I'm not buying your lame ass shampoo again! (Although I may buy the Nutrisse hair colouring because it's almost a perfect match to my natural hair colour but YOU DON'T REALLY NEED TO KNOW THAT, DO YOU??)

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~Kathryn~ said...

i'm having whose line is it 'wooo wooooooooooooooo' flashbacks

funny as ever mup

Belinda Howlett said...

OK next year I am not asking to teach with you I am asking to teach next door to you as you are the SYNICAL one I have been looking for!!!!! Oh idol wrap master you CRACK ME UP!! See you Wednesday when I will rig the sweep and give you brotherly Chris and if the FAKE (hip hop dance teacher) POSING rock chick gets in I am going to smash the TV!!! and that goes for the bad dancing Chris and Brendon too

LaLa said...


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