Australian Idol Finals (1)

This is belated, since I missed the episode last night and am now watching it taped.

I never realised (well yes, actually, I did realise) how wonderful television is when you can fast forward your way through the ads. I really enjoyed it, skipping through the crap. Too bad we can't do that always.

Are they ever going to get a new intro to the show? I think they should have one like America's Next Top Model, where they have a flash of all the contestents before the show starts. Maybe I should write to them. James looks sharp as always, Andrew just looks like a stupid mannequin as always.

Oh look, there's Dean and how cute he is! Ack - is Damien in a straight jacket? And what is up with Lavina, she looks like a moron in that hat. Ooh! Bobby has two eyes tonight! Awesome! Can't wait for the songs. Is it just me, or is that stage completely massive compared to last year? I'd hate to be stuck up the top and not be able to see. Can we please try for Idol tickets this year - Belinda? Mum?

Blah Blah Blah judges Blah Blah Blah. Wait? Is this a free choice show or something, because I must have forwarded through that part. Ho Hum

Wow, can Dean get any cuter? And that accent? He's fabulous. HE SUNG A GOO GOO DOLLS SONG in that clip of him. See Jase? You can't hate him now! For You I Will, great song. I love this song. Can this guy ever have a bad hair day? He was a bit quieter tonight with his singing, but was still good. I want him to sing some Incubus, so I can really freak out!

Joseph is just so adorable, I could pinch his cheeks. And then rip out his eyelashes and glue them onto my own. Right Here Waiting. I also love this song! Good choices, boys. Good to see Joe without any dorky hats on tonight. He sung beautifully, although still looked terrfied. When is he going to do some nice funky music again, though? Can I call him Stool-Boy now that Nathaniel is gone?

All I caught in the next clip was Jessica shoving maraccas down her shirt? I loved to hear her singing that Delta Goodrem song even better than Delta can. Have I mentioned that I can't stand Delta? Ooh. This song is Stick WIT You. I wonder if she'll sing it like that? No, she didn't. Haha. This was boring until she hit some of the high notes. And as much as I love Jess, she aint no Pussycat Doll, if you know what I mean. Hang on! She just said "Wit". My life is complete.

Heehee! It be the leprechaun. That footage showed Damien wiping his lips after his wife kissed him, reminds me of Jason. Started off tune to With Or Without You, that's not a good sign. He better not ruin this song, it's one of my favourites. He wasn't too bad actually! Although I was singing over the top of him, so who knows what he actually sounded like. The Oh-Oh's were good. And trust me, I know my Oh-Oh's.

Ricky is still a pretty boy. I have Walking Away on my playlist, and I think it'd suit Ricky's voice. He looks like he is wearing grandpa pants, do they come up to his armpits or what? Geez, from the waist up he looks just like Anthony. Which means he won't win the competition either, probably. Nice singing today though.

I hate to say it but Lisa is as boring as batshit, apart from her nice voice. Not confronting? Yeah, wouldn't have picked that. Fall At Your Feet. (cough, do I even bother to mention that this is one of my favourite songs as well?) A tweaked version? Don't know that I'll like this. All of her songs sound exactly the same. She looks gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, but is just so boring. The music is better than she is. Yawn.

Oh look, there's Lavina. Did you know that she is Emilie's sister? Yeah, no way, right? If I Aint Got You. This song was ruined a few years ago by that annoying girl whose name I don't remember, and besides; noone can do it as good as Alicia Keys. She does have a decent voice, but like Lisa, her songs always sound the same. She did the chorus beautifully. I love how I'm so critical, but I am the world's worst singer, but whatever. I'm allowed to criticize. And there's also something very manly about her face. That was random, I wonder what made me think to write that.

Alright, are we nearly done? I'm getting tired. And if I see this stupid seamless underwear ad one more time, I may strangle myself. And I'm even fast forwarding through it. Gah.

Brother Chris is up next, wearing a shirt that a large parrot seems to have shat on. I like Brother Chris better than Courtney. Except that I hate this song, very much. Wish You Well. He needs a shave. And he's doing funny things with the hand that doesn't hold the microphone, which is making me laugh. Alot. He's very cool though, easy to listen to. That shirt really is horrendous, who dressed him anyway?

I find it absolutely gorgeous that Klancie's dad has the chin quiver going every time he talks about his baby. It's lovely! She's very down to earth, but did we really need that bikini shot? Wow. She's singing country? Who would have guessed that..? Jolene. Sounds like a lame song already. Got a good set of boo... I mean, pipes on her. Looks very nice all dolled up, and her boobs appear less saggy lately. I'm glad she discovered the humble brassiere.

Mutto is a T-O-O-L. I just don't like him at all, less every week. I think it's just because he appears so full of himself; and thinks he's 21? More U2. Where the Streets have No Name. He's talking to the crowd like a tool. His caterpillar eyebrows scare me. Dare I say that he can actually sing this song quite well, though? No more comments from me, because I need to just stop talking about Mutto. Blech.

Reigan is really quite stunning. Her voice is wonderful too, so she's quite a nice package. I KNEW she would sing George, I just knew it. She looks lovely in that dress. She's quite like Katie, but she keeps on missing some of those lower notes. I wonder if the home viewers will like the mellowness of the song; it's definitely not as good as the original, but not a bad cover of it.

Bobby! That voice. Amazing. He's just so damn mellow. And he loves his momma, and his girlfriend, what a sweetie-pie. When the War is Over. I never liked Cold Chisel, but this is one of the few good ones. Wonder if this was a good song choice? I can't help it, I think he's great. And he's made this song so different! I don't think he'll win because, let's face it, he's a weirdo, but that doesn't mean he's not cool.

I will edit this soon to say who got kicked off, and my thoughts. Because I know there are thousands of readers just awaiting my every word. Hah! Now you better go and vote for Dean, or I shall hunt you down and annoy you until you do. And vote for Bobby too, but just not as much as you vote for Dean. Thanks.


Poor dimply Joseph. He did such a beautiful version of that song tonight (too bad he was so nervous last night!) and I was so sad for him; thought he was going to cry and then I was going to cry. Jessica should have been in the bottom 3, and NOT Lavina, as much as I despise her. Sigh. Thems the breaks.

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LaLa said...

Now, you're going to lynch me for this, but Dean is just not floating my boat. Bitch needs to groom his eyebrows, though I can appreciate that he is very good looking. He is starting to come across as cocky and quite lazy vocally. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Lisa has potential but *yawn*, though I'd quite like to put her in my pocket and keep her as a pet, she is so diddy and cute.

Again, we will have to disagree, I love "Wish You Well" but then I am a 'finger fan from back in the days when i used to see the boys around Paddo in Brisbane.

Loved Damien, loved Klancie (and her Dad, but did not like her dress, think someone wre that to my formal in 1993) loved Bobby and loved, loved, loved LOVED Jimmy James Mathesion

Belinda Howlett said...

well that is me out of the sweep!!! CROSS me off tomorrow!!! All I could think of was YES stef was in the bottom 3 - forget the real artist!!! I think SWEEP!!!
Aly - can you cross me and JOE off no "rubbing" as I need to track down money and that is my only list


~Kathryn~ said...

oh bugger - i shouldn't have read this before i watched - poor joseph - he wasn't my choice to go

great review as always mup - i know you and your oh-oh's and your woo-whoos and lets not forget the nah-nah-nah's !!!

what is with mutto and the writing on his hands ???? how old is he again ????

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