Sunday Scribblings: I would never write...

I guess having a public blog fits in well with the prompt for this week.

I'm always conscious about what I write, who might be reading, and what implications my words might have - no matter how harmless they seem at the time. I don't use names for school related posts. I don't use colleagues names. I don't use names of people who I think would feel uncomfortable if they knew it was made public.

So I sat here wondering what to write about today; what DON'T I actually write about? I like to think I'm pretty open; Even though I am completely aware that this is public, I'm still pretty honest about my opinions and my ramblings (or at least I would like to think so.)

All I could come up with? That I don't write about my fears that often.

With no further blabber, here are a few.

# I fear not finding work again for next year in a place where I feel comfortable.
# I fear not doing as good a job as other (more experienced) teachers, even though I feel completely at ease teaching my guys.
# I fear I'm a person that others aren't interested in spending time with, compared to more outgoing people.
# I fear what people think of me - I'd like to know, and I wouldn't like to know at the same time, you know?
# I fear that I am a hindrence to my family, with still living at home.
# I fear not knowing what the future holds.

I guess they're pretty standard fears? I don't know. I found it really hard to actually think of things that hit home to me to post about - I just don't know. Maybe one day I will take each of those and go into it further, but today is not that day.

On that note - what I WILL write about later on this afternoon once Jen gets home and sends me some photos - is what a good time I had last night.

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Autricedeldrago said...

They are standard fears - but it is okay to have them. Human nature, I guess. The phrase "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" comes to mind, but how many times have we put nagging doubts aside only to find them creeping back in the dead of night?

Good Sunday Scribble!

~Kathryn~ said...

hindrance ?? i hardly think so (but when are you moving ?? ;-P

love you
you're a great teacher - i just know it

Fat Charlatan said...

I think I worry more about the people who have no fear rather than the ones who do.

Your fears show you're a thoughtful person who will continue pushing herself BECAUSE of her fears...that's a good thing.

I lived in Oz during my second semester of my junior year of college...lived in Glebe by Uni.

Thanks for sharing your post!


Chelle Y. said...

I think I struggle with that same last fear, especially now, since things in my life are changing drastically.

Great post!

LaLa said...

Babes, it is completely normal to have such fears, though aren't they really all just sort of fears of the unknown? In a few years you will look back and wonder what you are worried about and realise how comfortable you feel in your own skin and how the human race has this amazing ability to just keep on trucking through the good and bad times.

I think your fab! xx

Kirby said...

I just wanted to comment.
AND.. I had a kick arse time on Freyday night. Was quite special, oh so many memories....
PS.. you're really quite fun to hang around and spend time with.
SHE HASN'T UPLOADED THE PHOTOS YET? she better keep those pole ones... jennifer....

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your fears.

Belinda Howlett said...

Basically you are with me next year or I am not there !!! nothing to be worried about

Don said...

Just keep being honest like you are and I think those fears will seem less daunting.

And I love the comment from who I assume is your mom!

Mardougrrl said...

If it makes you feel any better, I think we ALL have these types of fears...and I think writing about them can definitely make them feel more managable. Well, sort of. ;)

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