My First Troll!

I think I'll go email Amalah.

You know, having a public blog has its perks - and being able to write about the past six months has been really quite interesting.

My blog has just given me something that I never thought I'd get; a TROLL! My very first blog troll! Behold the troll-ish goodness!

For a teacher you certainly are a poor speller. Where did you get your
qualifications... out of a cereal package or did you just do a Photoshop job and
make something up? Have you not heard of editing before publishing? What about
using a spell checker at the very least or is that a bit too high tech? I hope
you only teach rats and mice and not human young. You?re a disgrace!

The strange part? That it was from a message I posted oh, only two weeks ago or something. There's only one thing better than a troll, and that is a lurking troll!

Trolls are such shy creatures. Which is a shame, because I'm sure we all have that inner passion to get to know the real trolls. Everyone is beautiful, inside and out. No need to be shy. We don't judge. We love.

So L.T. Spelling, with your witty remarks that made me smile (and yes! I have mice! Three of them! See? Not all trolls are lacking in the intelligence department!) -- you have a great day now! And thankyou for being yet another milestone in my Ramblings.

Name:L.T. Spelling

P.S. I can't use Photoshop to save my life. Could you teach me, please?

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LaLa said...

Ha. I think my favourite line from AbFab sits well with this....

Wasps, sweetie, wasps.

Congratulations Aly, you are now bona fide innernet blogger. xx

Tasmiya said...

I'm so jealous! :P

People seriously need to be nicer to each other. Good for you for not letting this troll bother you :)

Jen said...

This is the entry I tried to comment on.

I'm so proud of you, *sniff* Perhaps you should post a picture of your face with random words to congratulate yourself.

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