A Pretty Average Day

ajhgjkhjgkd Is it Friday yet? ajhgjkhjgkd

Because damnit, I'm over this week.

1. It was hot. Pretty day, but still hot. Hotness = sticky, smelly children. We did sport, and it was hot. And I was on the oval playground duty. And it was hot.

2. A child somehow managed to get onto the roof of the school. And proceeded to spend the entire lunch hour running (RUNNING, for fuck's sake) around the school roof, meaning the rest of the school watched in horror/amazement/amusement and everyone had no idea what the heck to do.

3. A student called me a "fat, ugly witch" to the rest of his class, and his punishment is spending one lunchtime in an office. Wonderful.


Someone just shoot me in the foot, please? PLEASE?

Or just pour me a Pina Colada.

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Kathy Ferguson said...

Oh I can relate!!! Yesterday I broke up a fight ( nasty boy pouding into a girl surrounded by his mates so she couldn't escape) and he told me to get F***** and to F*** off - 3 days suspension.

Another day a girl said I was a lazy "litch" for not doing something for her got nothing - and she is a school captain!!!

Interesting viewing though is the girl in the next room who has the most enormous knot I have ever seen. I swear it is 2/3 of her hair. I am mesmerized by it's size and watching with interest as her head of hair turns into one enormous dreadlock! I figure they will have to cut it out which will almost leave her bald. It is macabre!! I watch without helping as honestly you could catch fatal diseases like ebola just from touching her hair!

LaLa said...

Omygod. I am still laughing about the kid running in the roof!

Now, there is a reason why I would love to be a teacher, to witness the mental stuff that kids do.

The reason I could not be a teacher? Because I would have strangle that little shit instead of detention.

Virtual Pina Colada's to you!

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