Two really is enough.

I finally managed to get my Gilmore Girls locked DVD open.

With the help of Jason, several pens, a spatula and a pair of kitchen scissors. Hoorah! My other seasons have arrived too, along with House. My viewing is almost complete; it will be perfect once my Firefly and CSI: Season 4 discs arrive too.

I cooked dinner for Jase last night, and we opened up a bottle of wine to have with it. Well. The wine was so good, we paid a visit to the bottle shop to see if we could find some more of it. Found some, as well as another one we thought we'd try - which was quite cheap.

Our night consisted of sitting on the lounge watching 80s and 90s Party Max, which was fabulous. It's amazing how you sound so much better singing when you're.. a wee bit tipsy. That one bottle turned into two; and the cheap wine? Was very nasty. Smelled a bit like pee. Yeah. We drank it anyway.

I think I was the smart one who decided we should open the third bottle.

Did I say smart? (-cough- I needed to borrow Jen's vomit-box in the wee hours-cough-)

Blech. Funny though, until the sickness.

Perhaps next time I should just stick to my drinking at dinner. Brought back Contiki memories, and not the good ones. I feel fine now though! Just craving food, any kind of food, I'm so hungry. Mmm. I think on that charming note, I shall scurry off to the kitchen. Hope your Friday night was grand!

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Tasmiya said...

The ads for Gilmore Girls always turned me off, until one night there was NOTHING to watch so husband and I decided to give the show a try. We loved it! The interaction between mother and daughter, flawlessly done by the actors.

~Kathryn~ said...

well considering my parenting in relation to alcohol in the last month - i'm not saying anything
but i will tell you i'm giving up drinking !!!!

kat said...

I had one of those dvd lock thingys as well once... I doubt I was as bright as you in how to open it. I also managed to dismantle the entire box, which then had to be chucked out. I then stole a dvd box from my brother, hid the dvd from it and used it instead. Sorted.

Not the smartest way but it got the job done.

Jen said...

We like vomiting on Saturday nights. Perhaps Julie or Kirby can have a turn next weekend?

kirby said...

Julie can have a turn...
although, I guess you never know..

*giggles at the vomit box again*

I was randomly walking around the house the other day... we have a lot of boxes...

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