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"Think about a time when you have misheard or misunderstood the lyrics to a song."

Since I'm tired today and not really feeling a writing mood (gasp - the horror) I found an appropriate short prompt from Writing Fix.

The first one that comes to mind is in Sick Cycle Carousel, by Lifehouse. These are the real lyrics;

"If shame had a face, I think it'd kind of look like mine."

I heard?

"I'm shaving her face, I think it'd kind of look like mine."

Heehee. I still love that song, but every time it plays I have a bit of an internal giggle. Another favourite is "Alex the Seal" (aka Our Lips are Sealed) which is made even cuter because I was all of like, three, when I made that up?

Now it's your turn - EVERYONE who lurks here: What is YOUR favourite misheard song lyric?

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Jess said...

Haha good one.

Theres this song and I'd sing,

"I only knew how freaky was her face"

I was thinking, harsh!!!! And then I saw the lyrics were actually,

"I didn't know heartbreakin' was her case..."

And we are talking about Michael Jackson, so you know... a mish mash of mumbled words ahoy. NOT MY FAULT!

Jen said...

I say Alex the Seal too.

I can't think of a favourite. One that comes to mind is "now I see this pudding you gave me" from Only One. And it spawned all the pictures of Jason holding pudding :D

LaLa said...

"Cheap wine and a 3 day growth" - Cold Chisel

I heard "Cheap wine and I am feeling gross"

Makes much more sense

LaLa said...

For more mondegreens check out



~Kathryn~ said...

Stepped out the front door like a ghost onto a frog ....

Counting Crows round here
- now i didn't sing this - but i read this as a misheard lyric and it cracked me up

Scott said...

"excuse me while I kiss this guy" from Jimi Hendrix instead of "excuse me while I kiss the sky"

....I have others but that is the only one that comes across at the moment

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