Australian Idol Monday Semis

I really, really need to stop using SingStar.

Mum busted me this afternoon belting out Delta Goodrem (insert the groans here) when she got home. Guilty as charged! And I am officially a Material Girl diva.

Can I just say, damn I'm good? Yay for Mr-Sex-On-Legs Dean and Cute-Leprechaun Damien. Hoorah! Now we just need Brother-Chris to get on the Wildcard show, and I'll have the hat trick.

On to the girls.

1. That LynDELLE (not LynDAL) Chick Who Needs to Put Some Clothes On.
Would I Lie To You? - Eurythmics

Er. I like the Eurythmics, but her version wasn't anything too flash. I could listen without scratching my eyes out, but I hated that stupid thing she kept doing with her hand. I can't even describe it but it sucked.


2. Klancie Of The Saggy Boobage.
I'm Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

This girl is gorgeous but needs to invest in a decent bra. (Maybe she should buy one of those stupid pink bras from the annoying ad that keeps showing in the Australian Idol time spot; the one with the annoying naked lady twirling around on the floor? Yeah. That one. ANNOYING.) Don't tell mum I said this, but I really like that Dixie Chicks song. She did a pretty good job. I think I like her!

A little less lame.

3. Little Whitn--- Jessica.
I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

I should be a judge on Australian Idol. I said what Mark said. Deary me.  A 40 year old voice in a 17 year olds body. That said, I think she's gorgeous and I love her hair, didn't like what she was wearing though. I don't know. (Random SingStar moment; Yes, we covered this song yesterday.. and we rocked.)


4. I Am NOT a Transvestite (Also Known as Atlanta) (wtf?)
My Immortal - Evanescence

What sort of a name is Atlanta? Anyway. Two words. Fuck No. Why do people bother trying to sing to Evanescence? No-one can sing like Amy Lee. Trust me people, I've seen her live TWICE! Ew. She's weird looking. And was her dress leather? Like, all leather?


5. The Rocker Momma.
Trouble - Pink

I am all out of witty titles. Damnit. I hated the first part, but her raspy shouting was good! Made me a bit dizzy the way she was twirling around that circle though. I like Amanda! She's cool, if not a bit full of herself. Go the mommy!

6. What the Hell is She Wearing? (aka Reagan).
I Wish I was a Punk Rocker? - No idea.

I think Reagan is absolutely gorgeous, her hair and her smile - she's beautiful! But that outfit, noooo. The boots? What is with those boots? Nope. Didn't like it. And I'm apparently going to get yelled at for saying this (Sorry Belinda, mum did warn me) but I HATE THAT SONG. With a PASSION. It did nothing for her voice, and she irritated me every time she touched her hair. We KNOW you have nice hair, bitch, you don't have to rub it in.

The verdict?

Hmmm. I think Amanda will get through, and Reagan too? Either that or Jessica. But I sort of liked Klancie. (Hee, I almost typed Klarice.... mwahaha.) I don't know with this one. No hat tricks tonight.

Extra tool points tonight go to Axel Whitehead. (That annoying loser that didn't get anywhere a couple of years ago because, well, he sucked ass, and is now promoting that stupid Telstra commercial piece of crap.)

I meant to give him the tool points last night but I got sidetracked, because he was just SO DAMN IRRITATING; the way he took over the couch and made even Andrew G look less of a tool, and let's face it, Andrew G is also a bit of a tool. Hmm. How many times can one say tool in a sentence and still have people reading? His stubble irritates me. His voice irritates me. The way he sits on that lounge irritates me. HE JUST IRRITATES ME. Tool.

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Jen said...

I actually watched the last few minutes today, so I saw the recap. yay for Dean getting through ;)

I cringed when that Atlanta person was on. Oh eww. When will they learn?

I dont know the punk rocker song either. I dont listen to the radio. Is it on the radio?

Belinda Howlett said...

hey dont pick on THE song!!! TOS and i shared a moment with that song!!! (opps just reread sentnece and it sounds weird!!!)
I am going to link MR SMITH to this funny blog just to let him read your swearing!!!!!

Belinda Howlett said...

only kidding about the link!!! WILL NEVER EVER do that!!! please keep up the good work!!!! you should be writing for the paper

Ngaire Brown said...

Aly your idol reviews are just too funny.Keep going girl you are making my day!

LaLa said...

I am glad it's not just me that notices their irritaiting little habits. I too, noticed Lyndell's hand (though I liked her kicky little neck ribbon). I was all like "What? Where? Who are you gesturing to?" and Reigan's hair touching and hair touching and hair touching over and over and over again.

I also commented to my flatmate on more than one occasion how nice everyone's hairs looked all shiny and glossy. Bet there is no Garnier Fructis in there.

Andrew G is a tolerable tool but Axel is an absolute spank. Can't stand him. Go Jimmy James Mathison.

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