Sunday Scribblings: The Monster...

It's been a long week; so I figured my take on this weeks prompt would be a light hearted one, inspired by my stressful-yet-funny class.

The Monster Chronicles by 1/2S

These are all excerpts derived from the workbooks of my students. My class is a Year 1/2 composite, so the kids range from 6-7-8 years of age, mostly 6 or 7 though. For anonymity (as per usual) I will just include the kids initials, but the words are always more important than their names, anyway!

This weeks Sunday Scribblings fit right in with our creative writing; we've been using the topic of M O N S T E R S to get our thinking caps on. These are just a smidgen of the stories I jotted down to share with you.

The Strongest Monster (by C. & J.)
Once there was a monster. He was the strongest monster on Earth. All his monster friends were strong too. They eat people for dinner when they are hungry. They drink people for dinner too. The monster is going to the church.

The Monster and the Bear (by P. & A.)
There was a monster that lived in a cage. The bear was friends with the monster. The monster was friendly. The bear was playing with the monster. He liked playing with the monster. The next day the bear was hungry so it went to find them food in the water.

The Strange Monster (by D. and E.)
There once was a very strange monster that lived under D. and E.'s bed. He had blue fur and he had purple eyes. And it had a pink tail.

The Hairy Monster (by K. and S.)
The hairy monster went into a cave and found another monster. He got scared in the cave because he looked so ugly.

The Scary Monsters (by S. & S.)
Once there were 5 monsters who loved to play with other monster friends. They liked to be scary. They went to go find food for everyone to eat. They played with balls.

So there you have it! I am rearing literary geniuses, no? Maybe if you check back here tomorrow, I will take a photo of the Purple People Eater Monster Mask my class used for their now famous assembly item. Heeee.

For more Sunday Scribblings visit here, and enjoy!

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commongal said...

Very sweet. The first year of teaching is the hardest. Best of luck with them. Sounds like they are responding to you, and that you are doing well. I'm sure they are not always as adorable as these selections indicate, but remember that they can be -- it will help during the tougu moments, as I am sure you know.

Chelle said...

Those are so cute. It good you write those down and keep them. My sister is a teacher's aide to a kindergarten class and she is always telling me the funny things that they say. I told her to write them down. People make a lot of money with things like that!

Cute post!

Bug said...

SO cute! I love the one about the monster going in the cave and getting scared by another monster. Kids are so great.

Kamsin said...

So cute! Kids have such great imaginations!

Autrice said...

Kids are a delight! Thanks for sharing your students' work with us!

Don said...

No need to make stuff up - real life kids are usually more fun!

I was fascinated by the monster who drank people, but still went to church...

His name wasn't George W. was it? :)

Paris Parfait said...

These stories are so sweet - great twist on the prompt! Thanks for sharing the imaginative musings of children - just wonderful! :)

Kerstin said...

What a nice take on the prompt! I love reading kid's quotes, there is something so sweet, fun and irresistible about them, isn't there? Thanks for sharing these.

Scott said...

Yes....thank you for giving us this perspective....wait...please go thank your young authors instead!!! : ) ...seems like there should have been a kangaroo involved, however.

GoGo said...

What a clever idea, and I enjoyed the kids' perspectives.

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

Loved these! especially the hairy and scarey monsters. lol


Michelle said...

How fun! I love the creativity of kids before it gets stifled out of them. By the time I get the kids (kids who are expelled due to criminal offenses)they can no longer write.

Gemma said...

Love the kids writing.

tinker said...

What a fun post - My favorite is the monster with the blue fur, purple eyes and pink tail. Sounds like a much more attractive monster than the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people-eater ;)
I'd love to see the masks they made.

TwilightSpider said...

This is precious! I still have stories that I wrote when I was that age, it's so cute to see the unique perspective that kids have. I like it that most of the monsters have friends - no lonely monsters for your class!

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