Not in a Writing Mood

Not in an anything-mood, really. I'm all cleaned out.

Spent the morning cleaning. And washing. And cleaning. Those animals I mentioned in my last Sunday Scribblings? All needed cleaning. And washing. And feeding. And playing with. That's what weekends are for, right?

My mice are now residing in a freshly scrubbed tank, with yummy smelly sawdust all crisp. They're also driving us bonkers; the metal wheel always seems to spin better after a wash (I know, metal+water=squeaking) but at least they're having fun. The bunnies are all papered, cleaned, fed. They would have had a nice squishy cuddle, except they are very antisocial little dears, who prefer to snuggle with each other, thankyouverymuch.

I even washed the dogs again - although I really ended up wetter than they did. Next time, I'm leaving him for dad to do. We even brushed Max's teeth (his poor chompers are old and not so good, meaning stinky breath) - don't think he muched like the minty toothpaste taste. But he's happy enough now.

Plus, I've been cleaning the house. Mum is having people stay over, so dad and I (being the only ones home, damnit) are on cleanup duty. Surely it's bed time?

And in randomness, I love Jase; it's amazing how much. I find it amusing that we always have things to say to each other, to crack each other up. He puts up with my crap, and I deal with his. Must be love. Haha.

I'm off to sneeze the day away. How can I still have the dregs of this cold, it's been weeks now!

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