I always enjoy the walk from the playground into the classroom.

It always initiatives good conversation between D. and myself. Today was no exception. We had this little number as we were hurrying out of the light rain that had just started up after recess.

D: "Miss S?"
Me: "Yes D?"
D: "Is it sprinkling?"
Me: "It sure is."
D: "Ohh. But J. said it was raining."
Me: "Well, it is raining, yes."
D: "So it's not sprinkling then?"
Me: "When it rains lightly like this, we sometimes say it is sprinkling."
D: "Okay."


D: "So it's not raining?"

Heee. That boy is so darned cute. He also went home halfway through the day feeling sick though, so I'm not sure that he'll be in tomorrow. He is NEVER off school, even when he had a horrible cold his mother sent him in every day.

Er. Half the staff were off sick today -- with colds. Ack! I wonder if that was all my fault. Even the poor teacher next door to me is sick. Me? I'm feeling better, but I still have a voice that scared a couple of kindy kids in the playground.

And why today of all days, did the SRC choose me to lead the school singing the national anthem? Not a good choice, guys!

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