A Letter of Complaint.

To the makers of the Flu-Shot which I recieved earlier this year,

This is just a short note which I am hoping you will recieve promptly, in regards to the around $50 Flu Vaccination which I recieved in May of this year.

After experiencing several horrid colds and flus this year, I was hit with the grandmother of all illnesses - the nasty flu which left me feeling like death off work for five whole days.

This made me finally made the trek to the doctors surgery, where I then forked out the cash, and recieved a painful jab in the left arm for my trouble. Oh, yes. I also paid for a Booster Shot, which was said to work well with the Flu Shot. That one went into the right arm. That one REALLY hurt like a bitch. But I digress.

Three months later, all was well! No sniffles, no coughs, no sore throats. Your wonderful product worked although sadly not for PMS. I was a happy camper. I even recommended that some of my peers get the shot, it was so worth it. All was well. Until yesterday, that is.

I awoke in the middle of the night having trouble breathing because of a very sore throat. This reoccurred every hour, on the hour, where I would wake up and painfully swallow, and then eventually fall back asleep.

The sore throat lasted all day. All. Day. Long. No relief after drinking hot tea. No relief drinking bottles of water. No relief after avoiding dairy. Nada. Zilch.

I even went so far as to buy a bottle of Betadine throat gargle, which left me retching in the sink. I tried hot salty water, which left me retching in the sink. As a last resort, I have also downloaded a "Russian Tea" recipe, provided kindly by Google. I am going to make this now. I have a feeling it will leave me retching in the sink.

There is a point to this letter.

Your Flu Shot sucks.

Yours insincerely,


P.S. For scientific reasons I have coughed and sneezed all over this letter. I truly wish hope that this does not get you, or your peers sick.

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