Sunday Scribblings: The Inner Life of Pets

The day starts off just like any other day.

The damn cockatoo, Gage alarm clock goes off promptly at around 7am, when the morning sparrows decide to try and steal some seeds from the backyard aviary. I try to ignore it, but it just keeps on screeching beeping at me. I toss and turn in my bed, and try to ignore it. Finally, it ceases. I roll over, groan, and flop back down under the quilts. My partner prods me in the ribs, but I ignore him and try to go back to sleep. Sleep is precious.

After a while, the air grows hot. I kick the covers off and wearily emerge to face the new day. Taking a peek next to me, I let out a snort of amusement - my goodness! Rusty's hair is just all over the place today; talk about bed-head! I do love him though, and they do say that loving someone's scruffy hair and morning breath shows your true feelings, right?

I grab a quick breakfast, no time for nothing more than a snack. Time is of the essence. Gulping some water, I scurry off to work - I get halfway around the corner when I realise that I left Rusty behind. Drat! As per usual, he is still asleep when I get back home. I push him out of bed and nudge him out the door. Work work work! He looks grouchy which is to be expected, but he'll cheer up in no time. He always does.

Rusty and I are both in the security business.

It's a tough job. A big perimeter, not enough hands on deck, you know the drill. I'll complain, sure, but I don't mind it really. And it comes with some perks too. Good food, good accomodation, and company visits to the big-house all the time! Those folks sure are good to us. But, back to the job.

We scale the perimeter several times, checking for security breaches. Something seems not quite right. It's too still; too quiet. I give the signal to Rusty and he nods, understanding my instructions. We have both seen something which needs attending. Urgently.

Bounding into position, we work in silence. In the distance, I can hear the chattering of my co-workers going about their days, but for the most part my attention lies in the north west corner of the perimeter. Without speaking, I know that Rusty can see it too. He's a good partner, very intuitive, if not a little reckless. I hope he'll act by the book this time around. Sometimes, he drives me bonkers.

Living up to his nature, Rusty suddenly springs into action - weapons drawn, on the attack. He startles the intruder; but it stands its ground, gazing mildly down at us. After a heated argument, time consuming and rather noisy, all is sorted. The intruder relents, the perimeter is secure - for now. All in a day's work. The company is happy; we are invited to the big-house for supper tonight.

We head for home. My stomach rumbles, I can't wait for dinner tonight. Rusty feels the same; he always gets this look in his eyes when he's hungry. After dinner, we were warmly invited into the big-house. It's so lovely there, I never want to leave afterwards. But duty calls, and everyone there has a big day ahead of them tomorrow - so we bid our farewells and retire for the evening.

Just before I close my eyes to sleep, I give Rusty a hug, and sigh happily. How could there be anything nicer than resting besides the one you love?

This was a fictional story but it's funny how many "true" things I tried to use. We do have a very screechy cockatoo. My dogs do sleep on a bed outside, with quilts to snuggle in. The intruder really IS just like that - an evil cat, who likes to tease and torment! And I think that they lead a pretty darned happy life. I would like to REALLY know what they are thinking one day though...

Dedicated to Max, Rusty, Gage, Bella, Lucy, Sally, Katie and Penny. What can I say? We love the animals!

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