An Important Lesson

"What was the most important lesson you learned OUTSIDE of school?"

I've sat here for about ten minutes staring at this prompt and have aboslutely no idea what to say. Me? At a loss for words? Crrr-aaazy.

I learned that never plucking my eyebrows like all the rest of the girls were doing at age 12+ was actually a smart thing - seeing as at age 22, I have never really had to touch them.

I learned that I would rather have friends who I don't see often that know me well, in preference to friends nearby who don't know me at all.

I learned that loving someone can sometimes be the most painful experience, ever.

I learned that the best cure for feeling sick involves hot tea, books, blankets, spa baths and lots of whining.

I learned that I am a very cynical person. And I remain a very cynical person. But I'm working on that.


Prompt thanks to Writing Fix.

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