Australian Idol Sunday Semis

Because I am a dork, who is addicted to Australian Idol. Yep.

Mum and I spent the afternoon in preparation for Idol tonight (ha!) by playing with our new SingStar games, we've got Anthems, Pop and 80s so far. We were just going to sample a few of them - and mum was going to show me how to use it, since she's had a couple of drunken rampages with the game in the last few weeks. ;) MLC, you know?

Anyway. We were there for over two hours. I am now croaky. But oh man, I have not had so much fun in a looooong time! Good times. Must get the rest!

So, Idol. Lots of good boys in tonights round. Let me name them.

1. The Brother of That Other Guy who was in Idol Last Year.

I'm a bit love-hate with this guy, Chris I think? He's better than his brother Courtney, but he's also older. And scruffy looking. I like his voice, don't like the fact that we already KNOW he'll be in the Top 12 just because of who he is. Yep.

2. Curly Haired Dude with Nice Teeth (aka Stool Boy).

Nope. I was bored. Mum liked him though.

3. The Tool That Spoiled one of my Favourite Lifehouse Songs.

I thought he was arrogant. And he completely slaughtered Hanging By A Moment and NOBODY MESSES WITH THE LIFEHOUSE. Nobody! He looked like a tool, he sang like a tool, and that is all.

4. Cute Leprechaun Damien Whom I Adore.

I would buy a CD of his right now. His folky voice is brilliant, so mellow. Love him! And he's so cute! And short! And Irish! And Leprechauny! What's not to love? (P.S. Vote for him.)

5. Boner Boy Whom I Dislike.

I was so glad to see him stuff up. I love Stevie Wonder but he sucked at that song; couldn't even hear him over the band. Byebye Boner!

6. Hot Dean Who Is So Hot and Makes Me Have Hot Flushes because the Hotness is Just Too Much.

If this boy does not win Idol, there is something wrong with this country. I fell in love with him from the first auditions show. That song he wrote himself with just his acoustic guitar, phew. Think Brandon Boyd aka Sexy Incubus lead singer with beautiful voice? Dean is like that. And he sang Tonic tonight. And didn't fuck it up aka The Tool with Lifehouse.

So after that very fulfilling rundown, my verdict?

Dean and Damien to go through; although Chris (aka the Brother) will go through because the show is somewhat rigged. That is all. More tomorrow night.

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SallyT said...

Totally agree. Totally.

~Kathryn~ said...

ONE drunken rampage thank you very much hmphhhhh

go dean ... my toy boy of desire !!!

Alison Shearer said...

Excellent wrap up Aly. Dean and the Leprechaun for me too!!


Belinda Howlett said...

thanks for the smiles!!!!!

Jen said...

Someone saying HBAM? Okay now Im glad I didnt watch it. It means the TV is still intact.

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