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Proud Teacher Alert !!

My kidlets are so clever !! We performed our song and dance today for our assembly item, and they were so awesome. Remembered all the words, remembered *most* of the actions, bopped along - other kids in the school were singing along too, which was cool.

We did the Purple People Eater song. We have been doing our creative writing lately about monsters, so it fit right in - plus, I've always loved that song. I remember singing to it when I was in primary school all those years ago!

I was so proud when they had fun. It's a long song, lots of words and they had it down! Another teacher today told me that it was one of the best (and simplest) items she'd seen this year. Hoorah!

Highlight would have to have been little K. dressed up as the Purple People Eater monster. I borrowed this huge dinosaur tail thing from the preschool - you velcro it around the child's waist, and it's this neat (and ginormous) tail. K. and I were practicing shaking his booty side to side, so that the tail would swish. It was hilarious! Plus, he was holding a purple mask that I had made with him (one eyed, one horned, of course!) so he was a star.

I love good days. And my little terror child (no, not D. Another one, J.) was away, so it was amazing just how calm the class was without him there. Deary me!

Well bless my soul, rock and roll, flying purple people eater,
Pigeon toed, under-growed, flying purple people eater,
He wears short shorts, friendly little people eater,
What a sight to see!

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Jen said...

Aww, that sounds adorable. Congratulations on it working!

Monsters... how appropriate ;)

Viviane said...

Haha I can just picture the kid with the tail, adorable!!

Scott said...

Pictures!!! Where are the pictures!!!!

Jess said...

LOL that was one of my fave songs to sing at school! And just recently at a mini community concert I went to, the local school did a little performance of that too! it was great. :D

I bet yours was better though :P

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

awww, I liked that song as a kid as well. However, Several hours(or I have a bad feeling DAYS) from now when I am still singing it and unable to get it out of my head, I am going to be blaming you!


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