Keeping up with the Joneses.

Because what good blogger doesn't post a to-do list every once in a while?

Well, it's August. Half way through the year. What better way to start off the new month than a handy little list. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can look back on it and see just how much (or how little) I accomplished. Here goes;

  1. Back on track. As of Monday. Yes.

  2. Finish my school programme and get my day planner ready for the rest of the term.

  3. Pay another $1000 off my car loan.

  4. Do a proper clean out of my room. Goodbye junk.

  5. Finish Dawson's Creek Season 5.

  6. Start making an anniversary present. Ideas?

  7. Clean out my handbag. Possibly buy a new handbag.

  8. Appreciate every taste and smell. Having a cold sucks.

  9. Not miss a single day of school.

  10. Bug my parents about getting their tax returns done, so I can have mine done too.

Right. Lots to do, and what will I start with? Going and getting some lunch, I'm starving. By the way, I wonder if by the 8th of September (WHEN JEN AND I ARE GOING TO THE FRAY CONCERT BECAUSE I DID MANAGE TO GET TICKETS, HOORAH HOORAH HOORAH) the bags under my eyes will have faded? I haven't been able to sleep for three days, properly anyway, and I managed to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in two days. Sleep. x_X

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