Holiday Cheer

What holiday drives you nuts?  Think of a holiday people fuss over.  Write about either loving or hating that holiday.

It seems a bit weird to think about holidays in August, haha, but who am I to argue with neat-o Random Prompter Thingymabob?

I guess I would have to go with the obvious and say Christmas.

The nuts part?

Parking lots. Shopping centres. Lines at check-outs. Impatient people. Screaming children. Expensive prices. It's why I always do my shopping in advance, except for the usual last minute bits that I've forgotten.


The family part. Seeing family who are only seeing you because they feel that they have to at holiday time - and it's to please OTHER family members. I go too, so obviously I'm a part of that, but really, it's so ridiculous. I'm not one for small talk though so..


I live in Australia. Christmas is in December. December is not cold or snowy. December is hot. Usually scorching hot. Christmas Day is always disgustingly humid and stinky and sticky. I dislike heat. Blech. Bah Humbug.

But what's not to love about Christmas?

I love Christmas carols (Even after the bazillionth song repeat)

I love decorations. Putting them up, packing them up, fun fun fun.

I love roast dinners and crackers! I love the way that the table still has decorations on it that I remember colouring in as a kid. I love having my nanna at the dinner table. I always feel like a five year old, but I love it.

I love seeing Jase at Christmas-time. He comes after his church stuff, and I just love him walking through the door. One day I'll go along to church too, I think. I'd like to - it's been a while.

This year is going to be so cute. I have a WHOLE CLASS to do decorations with. We're going to do Christmas craft until our hands fall off! We're going to use every damn craft supply I have in my storeroom. Cards! Streamers! Santa masks! Christmas trees! Pine cone thingos! You name it, I'm game! I cannot wait! Yes!

Oh yeah. And I love presents. Making, giving and definitely getting! So I'm a present-whore, I admit it. But I also love finding things for others too, so I'm not all bad.

Nothing like some Christmas-talk in August - although, the year is flying by.. scarily, it won't be long before the decorations start appearing in the store windows.. Mark my words!

Prompt care of Writing Fix.

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