My Weakness

I am officially addicted to buying DVDS.

EzyDVD is a place I check all the time, to see what new specials they have - I've never really been a big fan of online shopping before (with the exception of concert tickets and the like) but I think I've found my weakness.

Those who know me well, know I like my boxsets. At the moment I'm getting my way through ER Season 3 (nearly there!) and then I still have Charmed Season 7 to get through as well; I'm rather tempted to buy this really neat Buffy bag, with the complete series included except I would feel bad splurging $250 all at once.

Why is it that it seems so much more reasonable to spend the same amount of money, but spread across a few weeks/purchases? Is it because I'm being tricked into thinking I'm receiving more for my money? I don't know.

But I'm not going to buy it. I have a car loan to pay off.

Although I DID purchase City of Angels last week. I found it rather sad that my all-time favourite movie (that and Braveheart, anyway) was the one I didn't actually own on DVD. I own it now. And I still cry. Sucker.

I also pre-purchased the Firefly series, because I'd heard it was good. And it was on special. Man, you could stick a SPECIAL sign on anything and I think I'd buy it. If it were cheap enough. I am sort of cheap. A primary teacher on a budget.

Now I'm off to bum away my Sunday with the box.

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Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

I had the dvd addiction for a LONG time as well. I was up to 200 at one point before making myself stop. Now I only have about 240 or so thanks to netflix. Did I just say only 240? Anyways box sets were my worst as well. I have all ten seasons of friends, the 1st 5 of Seinfeld, 5 of Curb your enthusiasm, Prison break, two seasons of lost , and countless others. Hey here is an idea. Instead of the dentist giving us a lollipop maybe they should give out dvds if we are good? lol

Viviane said...

I have actually been very good about buying DVDs in the past months. The last time I did was in January. Last night I ordered two box sets though (of Gilmore Girls Season 2 & 3). Heh. There are a bunch of movies I'd like to get the DVDs of but I am waiting to get a good deal.

Viviane said...

And I just ordered Crash on DVD from the UK because it was on sale....

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