Warning: This post may contain poor attempts of speaking a language other than my native tongue (and possibly also incorrect spellings) so please bear with me.

I spent my afternoon having a talk with the lady who cleans my classroom at the school. I realised that after all of our little chats of an afternoon, I actually didn't know her name and I doubted she knew mine either. So, I thought I'd get that courtesy out of the way because I hate not knowing who I'm actually talking to. And because she's a really nice woman, too.

Her name is Naisa, by the way. She's from Bolivia, and English is her second language. She does really well though, just struggles for the occasional one. She has a daughter who is 12, and is multi-lingual, and also really nice - she comes to help her mum clean some afternoons.


I was telling her that I'd love to learn Spanish, because I haven't really ever had the chance to do any languages (other than the mandatory crappy chinese in high school - Jess may remember Mr Wang?). I took Italian for a term, but I don't remember any of it, which is a shame because I'd really love to learn that too.

So she sat down with me and started telling me some random sayings that I should take home and learn. It was so fun, I can't believe I wasted an hour of her time (ack!) but she seemed to enjoy teaching me as well, which was awesome. I came home and was able to greet my dad in Spanish, to which he just laughed. I typed in Spanish to Jase on MSN, and he just gave me a blank face. Well, a blank smiley emoticon, anyway. I'm going to spring it all on mum after she finishes work, teehee.

Hola! -- Hello (Ha! I knew this one already, I am clever!)
Buenos Dias -- Good morning (I knew this too!)
Buenas Tardes/Noches -- Good afternoon/good night.
Como Estas -- How are you? (I sort of knew this one as well.)
Me Llamo Aly -- My name is Aly. Heeee. This is fun.
Hola Mi Amor -- Hello my love.
Te Quiero Mucho -- I love you so much.
Que tengas un lindo sueno -- Have a good (beautiful) dream.
Dame un Beso, Mi Amor -- Give me a kiss, my love.
Muchas Gracias -- Thank You! (Yep, knew this too!)

I had a ball today. And I've decided I'd like to learn Spanish. I need one of those cds that I can listen to, to teach me the words. Yep. Spanish. And after that, French and Italian. Yep Yep.


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Jen said...

"I typed in Spanish to Jase on MSN, and he just gave me a blank face. Well, a blank smiley emoticon, anyway."


My tummy hurts from laughing. XD

Spanish sounds so nice. I can't believe I learnt German for so long at school, and could have a conversation and all in it, and now I can hardly remember basic vocab.

~Kathryn~ said...

usted es que nena tan chistoso te quiero

~Kathryn~ said...

that is supposed to say You are so funny baby girl - i love you

Viviane said...

Yeah Spanish is great, but it is a long way to go until you speak it fluently.
By the way, no incorrect spellings there, except for the random capitalization. :)

Kay said...

Spanish is fun! Not as languid as French nor robust as Italian, but a really fun language to speak and to learn! I did about 3 months of it. I really should continue it here in London. Somehow.


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