The Right to Brag

I am a VERY proud teacher today.

The school where I am teaching uses a levels system for teaching the kids to read. Starts at 1, and ends up in novels.

That's all the background you need.

J. was reading really well in my literacy group this morning; at a level 18. This is pretty good for a Year 1 student, but he was reading with ease and looked really bored. I took him aside and did some individual reading, and he could read a level 20 (!) book with ease as well.

I was pretty impressed, needless to say. I went and checked with my supervisor (who is also the reading recovery teacher, specialises in working with kids and their reading) and asked if she could read with him just to get his level sorted out, because he would need to be placed in a higher literacy group where the work is more at his level. She agreed.

J is reading at a level 26. This puts him as nearly the top student in both 1/2 classes, equal to and better than the brightest Year 2 students.

I am the proudest teacher ever. Heeeeeeeee! He's going to be reading novels IN YEAR 1. Oh my gosh! This is why I love teaching.

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Kathy Ferguson said...

Are you using PM? If so WOW 26 is amazing!!! I have a few 26s in my class but they are year 3!!! Must be your wonderful teaching!

Belinda Howlett said...

YEs Kathy it is PM as I bought all the books at the school!! (soory to butt in) Will chat with you tomorrow as I am working next door to you)

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