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This post will end with a question; yes, it's important so please click on the "Comment" box and give me your say. I'm interested to know what you think!

I've been in the education system for over half the year so far. Yes, it's my first job in the actual real-life full-time workforce since I finished uni. Yes, I'm new to all of the relationships that go on between staff and what not. But I did NOT realise it was quite so intricate.

I think these are the main ones that I have uncovered in the school so far;

Be nice to the office ladies. They may snap at any second. And they will make things very, very hard for you. Yep.

Also the canteen ladies. Because they'll totally only half-fill your garlic rice container if your kids are late picking up the lunch orders.

Don't tell anything to another teacher that you don't want repeated to the rest of the staffroom. Basically, invest in a dog to vent to, or make sure you have an understanding family. Or a blog. Whatever works.

Oh. And staffroom walls? Are made out of paper. Be very careful.

Do not let other teachers whinges about you get you down. It happens to everyone, so what goes around comes around. Karma. -mutters under breath-

Tears will always get you sympathy. Even when a teacher is horrible and mean to their colleagues, if THEY are the one to shed a tear first, everything will be forgiven. Except for the underlying grudges that will be held, forever and ever.


So. I'm about done for now. I'm tired and grouchy and have had enough writing; so my question.

What are some of the things that YOU find annoyingly bitchy in your workplace? I welcome everyone's feedback. I'm nosy.

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Tasmiya said...

Oooooh juicy stuff! I hope you are ok. I mean that nothing bad has happened? Anyway - my workplace? Be nice to the nurses because (like your office ladies) they can make your life hell. They will disappear when you need them, they'll forget to do the blood test you asked and WORST of all, they will make fun of you or speak to you as if you don't know anything IN FRONT OF CLIENTS. There are probably heaps more but now that I'm only working part-time thank goodness I've forgotten it all :)

LaLa said...

I work for an online media company and have held at least 20 or so jobs in my life, counting the part time ones and I can honestly say, I don't think it matters where you work and in what environment, there are these types of people in every workplace!

When The Office first came out, I could hardly watch it because it made me feel stressed like I had never left MY office.

I hope everything was/is ok and if you ever need to vent, have a good old bitch to your dog/flatmate/brother, always makes me feel better!xx

Aly said...

Thanks ladies, for your kind words.

Yep, all is fine - I'm sort of blogging through observation right now. Interesting that all the cattiness and the like goes on everywhere.

At least in schools I can go hide out in my classroom.. not stuck in an office cubicle, so I can be grateful for that. ;)


Kathy ferguson said...

Ditto to all your above.

Also be nice to your groundsman - come end of the year when you have to move classrooms he could be your best friend.

Always take time for theparents of your students. they are the ones deciding your reputation and they can ruin your life in a matter of hours.

Jen said...

I haven't been in a 'real workplace' yet, so I don't really have any comments. But even in 4 weeks of prac, in a school with not that many staff... the fact that most teachers are women means a very bitchy staffroom. I think I told you, there was one women there who never spoke to me, ignored me when I said anything... uugh. Since I was just there for prac, I just sat there and smiled at apropriate moments. I had no idea what they had meant about "staying out of staffroom politics" until then. Im scared for you. *protects you*

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