"Did they keep to themselves?  Write about one of your neighbors (past or present).  Speculate on what type of people they are (or were)."


I had to have a bit of a laugh when I clicked the handy dandy random prompt generator and saw this.

The first neighbours I can remember were great ones.

D & P, who lived behind us and had twin little girls - I remember them from when I was just a little girl myself!
M & S, who lived next door and also had two cute little kids.
PH, who I always remember to be the nicest and cutest guy. And his girlfriends, too.

Then I remember my first real boyfriend - whose family moved next door to us after M & S moved. I had a crush on him since the moment I saw him; gorgeous, blonde, athletic, funny. He was a year younger than me, and I always used to crush from afar - we were friends for a while, as were my brother and his brother, and eventually we started going out. My first real kiss was with A, in the middle of Titanic at the movie theatres. -swoons- I still remember that moment!! That lasted three months, until New Years Eve when he broke my heart. I was 14.

As we moved to rental places (while the house was being built and some family drama going on) I don't really know anything about neighbours. You tend to keep to yourself when you're renting, seeing as you are usually in and out and don't take the time to get to know people.

Right now, we live in a quaint little cul-de-sac at the moment, since the house was finished in 2000. The street is filled with mainly young families, some with teenagers as well.

Our next door neighbours on one side have three girls (one my age, the others younger) and I don't know them from a bar of soap - all three are beautiful and constantly busy, and have made no effort to ever get to know me. Our neighbours on the other side have two primary school age kids, both insane. The boy is weird, the girl is annoying. She likes to sit over our back (six foot!) fence and taunt my dogs, and wonders why they're barking at her? Gah. I do like the parents though, although they have a large amount of screaming matches. Loud ones.

The rest of the street; don't know them really. They are friendly enough, as we are, but I don't actually KNOW them. For the most part, I'm not really interested.

The funniest moment I remember was on one occassion (I think Christmas?) where the neighbours had actually blocked off the whole street with witches hats. EXCUSE ME? Do they own the street? I think not! What about the people who want to drive in and out? The reason for this: They had set up a barbeque on the street itself, put out chairs and the like, and so thought they could just cordon off the whole street. Arrogant. We all went walking to look at Christmas lights around the area, and Jase kicked the witches hats away. Good times!

We haven't ever been invited to any of their street parties, not since we moved in. Not that I'd go anyway, but it's really quite irritating they way that they think they own the street. And people who park on our lawn when there are parties going on really irritate me. Arrogant!

I dislike our enture street being blocked off, just because the neighbours think they can.

I dislike kids running on our front lawn. OURS. Just because their front lawn is tiered, doesn't mean they can use ours because it is flat.

I dislike cars. Parking in front of our house. In my parking space. Not so bad now that I've started parking the new car in the driveway, but still. They have driveways too - use them!

I dislike balls. Being kicked and thrown around parked cars. Especially mine. The day those little bastards dent my car, they'll be saving their pocket money and paying for the damage. Damnit.

I swear, I do love kids. I teach them and think they're great, most of them. But the ones that live near me? Turned me off having kids for the longest time..

I think I've rambled long enough -- so for now, I shall turn in and watch some Comedy Inc, taped from last night. I'm a tired Aly today, must be Mondayitis.

Prompt care of Writing Fix.

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