The Dental Blog (Part 2)

What better way to spend ones Saturday than sitting in an uncomfortable chair hearing the serenading whir of a dental drill?


I may have been brave and conquered the dentist as you can read about here to refresh your memory. But that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it!

My brain had decided that today would be even scarier than last fortnight - because THIS time, there would be fillings involved. And drills. And weird UV light things. And needles. And did I mention drills? Therefore, as per usual Aly-style, I had worked myself up into a minor panic this morning.

(I would like to point out here that Jason sucks, for having the empathy of a fly during this whole process. That is all.)

My worst fears were confirmed after having a seat in the chair, rinsing with yummy minty water stuff (don't ask me what that actually does, hah, but it tastes pretty good though!) and opening my mouth; My Dentist uttered seven dreadful words.

"You won't be needing any needles today!"

Pause right there.

No needles? I nearly turned into a quivering mess right there in the chair.

Not that I'm real keen on needles either, but when it comes to dentistry? I'll be brave, jab me with a couple of those babies and I'm all calm. Relatively, anyway. But NO NEEDLES? Panic. Panic. Panic.

"Are you sure?" I mumbled, trying to talk without my tongue licking his fingers which were still probing my teeth. "Because I am, er, a bit paranoid?"
"Nope. They're only small. Won't feel a thing." He replied, then starting talking in dentist-language to the assistant.

Great. I felt completely reassured. Ha.

He got the drill ready, and I started having worst case pain scenarios running through my mind. I'd convinced myself it was going to be terrible. Why the hell wouldn't Jason come with me? Bastard! I needed him! Too old for hand-holding, my ass...

"Ok, I'll just drill a bit and we'll see if it hurts." Said Mr Dentist.
"Wait - so it's going to hurt?"
"Well, no. But just in case, I'll stop if it does and give you the needle."
"So I do need a needle?"
"No. You shouldn't need one." He started drilling here.

After a few seconds he stopped and looked at me strangely, and asked if it was hurting. I stammered something along the lines of "Yes, No, Maybe, Should it, I don't know?" and he told me that everytime he drilled, I was pulling squinty faces and moving away from him. I didn't even realise I was doing it.

Feeling rather shamed, I told him that no, it wasn't hurting, I'm just a wimp, please continue. Yes, I really said that. And he actually laughed! A dentist with a sense of humour. I like!

End of story? I have two teeny fillings, one of which does not feel filed down properly seeing as I keep grinding my teeth together and it feels funny. I also have an appointment next Saturday (DENTISTRY ON SATURDAY SUCKS) for the mother of all fillings. Well no, not exactly - but I will definitely be needing a needle for this one. I'm going to suggest that he gives me the "supposed two needles" from today as well. Just in case, you know?

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Viviane said...

Haha awww. I don't like going to the dentist, and I do get an injection every time they have to drill, but I am not overly scared or anything.

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

Those are visits that can never ever be enjoyable. I don't care if they were drilling chocolate or spaghetti directly into my body it would still suck. Good luck with the next visit. The only good news is it never turns out to be as bad as I imagine it to be ahead of time.


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