What makes him tick?

Have you ever looked at a child, or even a person, and wondered just what is going through their mind at a particular time?

I have. Constantly.

I know that I've thought that about family members, after certain events happen. I certainly have thought about it with Jase, after some things have been said and done. I've thought it with friends, wondering why they were thinking the way they were. But the central thing for me right now, is doing it with my kids.

I have such a different group of kids. It's amazing that in one class, I can have so many different people. It's this factor that makes it darned-near impossible to get a decent seating arrangement in place, because this clashes with that, he dislikes her, she can't bear him, she can't bear HER and the like.

The personality of a child is a mysterious thing. Why is it that (most) kids can forgive and forget in such a short time? I say most, because I have known some kids that can hold a grudge for the longest time. I'd say I fall into that category too, actually! Why is it that they can show just compassion for each other, being sweet and helpful to the kids that are hurt in the playground, or upset, yet in the same instant start shouting hurtful things at another student across the playground.

Why can I have little boys in my class that are the most polite, beautiful little people - who turn into rascals the second they get into the playground? I don't even mean rascals in a scoundrally-innocent way, I mean the type of rascals who would hold a kindergarten child's hands behind his back while another student starts hitting them. It's really, really disturbing.

It's not only the boys. Little girls can be quite mean. Girls that are the best of friends inside the room, that sit together, play together, want to do everything together turn nasty. So nasty that they exclude people from their little "group" just because they can. And the others? Just sheep, who follow along with no idea.

Some days, it is just so frustrating. I know kids are kids, and hey - in all honesty, what would I know? I'm not a parent. I don't even have any school-aged children in my family to relate to. But as a teacher, sometimes I just want to scream! What are you thinking!? What is going on inside that head of yours!? Aarrrgh!?

But most of all?

If I could peep into any child's mind to see just how they tick, and what is going on in there, I would choose D. He of the shoe-kicking-off, screamy tantrums. He who has settled down a lot lately, but is still the most defiant and stubborn little man I know. He who can be so darned adorable, and who makes me laugh so much - but can also be downright arrogant and bratty. I'd LOVE to see what goes on in there.

Why does he think he can say no, and do his own thing?
What causes his tantrums?
What does he really think about school?
What is life like at home that makes him act this way?
What is he scared of?

And what does he think of his teacher, who sometimes simply just doesn't know what the heck to do about him?

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