We interrupt the sickness..

To bring you some random concert-related news.

This just in! Jen and I are totally going to ROCK ON at the Fray concert next month. I haven't been this excited for a concert in a very, very long time. And JENNIFER! I get to see my darling Jennifer! Oh how I have missed thee, Jennifer!

THE FRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! In concert. Next month!

Tickets are on sale tomorrow and I'm so psyched. Anyone else want to join us? Hoorah! Fray Fray Fray Fray.

Riiight. And back to sickness. I have a bacterial infection. Caused by my "snot monsters" as the doctor so bluntly put it. I'm off for today and for tomorrow and on meds. Ack. I still feel like death. Speaking of which...

(Please be advised that the above is actually a note I left for my momma this morning before she left for work -- and as yet, I have recieved no sympathy, except from my brother, who found the note amusing.)

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