Australian Idol Wednesday Semis

Does the "G" in Andrew G stand for GREASE? Because that? Was the most horrid hair I've seen on him in a long time. Gack.

Yay for weirdo Bobby! I was right, heh. He's still so damn strange. I think I shall now call him the Talking Mullet; he had no eyes today. And little Joseph! Those eyelashes, ohemgee! Good picks. That means I'm predicting Ricky for the Wildcard show.

Is it just me, or is this year's top 24 not that brilliant overall? The first group of boys were the best, and now I'm having trouble listening to some of these other semi-finalists. Tonight was kind of weird like that too.

1. The Girl Who Looks Like Sally From Home and Away (Rachel).
I've Done All The Dumb Things - Paul Kelly

The whole Aussie slang thing sort of irks me, I think Missy Higgins is the only one that can pull it off (oh, and little Lisa, but more on her later). So she bugged me today. Love that song but for Idol? She's such a gorgeous girl, her outfit was just horrid - tell me, who really wears cropped black shiny tights with Docs these days?

Not my cup of tea.

2. Sister Lavina (Teehee, She Fell Over!)
Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin.

Is it bad that I sort of dislike this chick already, because I disliked Emily? And why am I bothering to be a critic of her because EVERYONE knows that she'll get in the damn Top 12 because they've shown so much freaking footage of her already? Blech. Aside from my whinging, I actually liked her singing tonight. Can someone please tell me though, was she wearing parachute pants?

She'll get through.

3. Dumbass Who Should've Stuck With Topless Dancing (aka Rebecca).
Show Me Heaven - Maria Pearce

I've never had quite so many "cringe moments" before in a performance. You know the notes that just make you go "ohh" (and not in a good voice, think "ohh - my ears will explode".) She looked like an over-excited dog, everytime they showed back to her audition tapes, spinning around like a terrier everytime she got excited. Irky. Her singing sucked ass. Does she think she is Jessica Simpson? Because she aint. No. Jessica Simpson.


4. That Girl's a Weirdo! (Jess)
Fighter - Christina Aguilera

That's all.
Just no.

She looked like a crack whore, must have definately been on something before that show. Yeah man, seriously, man, it was the lights, yeah, whoa, hee. What the fuck? I couldn't even understand what the hell she was singing. Complete wacko.

5. The First Gal Tonight Who Doesn't Make Me Want To Throw The TV Out The Window (aka Baby Girl Lisa).
Diamonds on the Inside - Ben Harper

Love this song. Suited her voice. She's so cute and innocent, I love her I love her I love her. She is one of the few "Aussie-slang" voices I can even bear to listen to! Really liked it. She's definately a keeper!

I kept thinking she was only sitting on the stool because otherwise she would have just run away terrified. Hee. Vote for Lisa!

6. Lydia - Who Has Left Me Confused And Not Quite Sure What to Say.
A Moment In Time - Whitney Houston

I can't decide if I love her or hate her. That song was dead boring, what in the world possessed her to choose it? I don't know. I just don't know. She has a good voice but that song was as interesting as watching grass grow. Except for the high note at the end, that was killer. Hmm. Still confused and not sure.

The verdict?

I've decided that Lavina and Lisa were my favourites who should go through -- possibly Lydia as a wildcard? I'm still not sure though. All too much. So much singing (haha, and that's not even including mum and I on the Playstation, think yourselves lucky!) and not enough time (or sleep).

Tonight's tool points were generously sponsored by mum, who gives 10,000 points to the idiots in the McDonalds ads. The stupid cowboy talking to yoghurt? And the complete dipshit being chased by a lettuce? What the hell? If those ads are supposed to make me want to eat their Deli Choices shit, their marketing directors should be shot. Hell, no! (Oh, and I'm also supposed to tell you that Channel 10 are all tools for actually having a show where MeerKats are the main characters. I think that's it now.)

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~Kathryn~ said...

LOVE that Lisa .... she wins !!

and how cool that sideshow bobby-who-has-no-eyes got through

Belinda Howlett said...

love it love it love it!!!!!!

I agree the little girl and the sister will get though
the druggy will crash and burn and I predict more water thrown by kyle at mark

Jess said...

I like Lisa Mitchell too but she seems to look really bored while shes singing... I like her voice and her style (not huge on the missy higgens thing... in fact missy higgens makes me want to stab myself in the eye tenfold with that bogan accent in her songs) but i like lisa... it just kind of irritates me that she sits and is like looking around thinking of what she's gonna do after the show ... like hmmm... maybe ill visit myspace and comment on my boyzies pageszzzz!11 ... that irks me... I liked Lydia a lot and I love Whitney and that Whitney song ... I love her style she looks great and sounded great.

Lavinia annoys the crap out of me because a, shes emily's sister and because b, im tired of this whole sob story shit. wah wah i had a tough upbringing, i had a kid at 10 and had to walk 4 yrs to school because i couldnt afford the bus fare... rolls eyes. but i like her voice.

as for the rest... i felt kinda bad for the girl who screwed up fighter so badly... but ... she did sound like she just fell off the back of the dumpster... but i do thikn she was just overwhelmed.

i also felt sorry for moulin rouge girl... and :P she wasnt actually a topless dancer...

the rest were forgettable.

and omg sideshow bob!? Whats that about!!!! he's so ... blah... and strange !!!!111 and im all about conforming... i wanted pretty ricky in... but I do like joe very much!

btw... i kinda feel like this idol has been the best one for a couple of yrs.. (except of course the won wear Guy won. Cause you know... I'm a Guy Sebastian groupie and all...)

:D well theres my 2 bob.

Ngaire Brown said...

Aly I actually thought that Jess was a trailer trash Kelly Clarkson wannabe in additon to being a crack whore.
I think Lavina might have stolen some of Kate D's pants while on tour with her sister. They look a lot like some of the stuff she wore last year. ,

L.T. Spelling said...

For a teacher you certainly are a poor speller. Where did you get your qualifications... out of a cereal package or did you just do a Photoshop job and make something up? Have you not heard of editing before publishing? What about using a spell checker at the very least or is that a bit too high tech? I hope you only teach rats and mice and not human young. You?re a disgrace!

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