Nothing like a little mess..

Mess; (English adj.) Aly's classroom.

Broken chip packet? Mess.

Lesson on volume using water? Mess.

Desk buried in papers? Mess.

Bleeding nose? Mess.

Let's just say, I'd hate to be the cleaner this afternoon. It was one heck of a messy day. But a good one too. Friday Friday tomorrow is Friday, and I have absolutely nothing more to say about today.

Tomorrow, I think shall leave the cleaner a nice note. Or flower or something. Yep. She does such a good job - and she's a really lovely lady.

Whack a wig on this guy, and you could pretend it's me at my desk. Oh, and take the tie off too. And add a couple dozen kids. And get rid of the pizza tray. And the banana peel too. Bananas are too expensive to eat now, after the QLD hurricane. Okay. Whatever. It's not me but it was the only damn messy cartoon I could find.

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