Australian Idol Tuesday Semis

Back by not-so-popular demand..

And wow! I think I picked it again - Jessica and Reagan. Ha! Maybe Amanda will be a WildCard later this week..

Let's just jump straight into tonight's rundown, shall we?

I had already decided who I wanted to go through - cute little Joseph and the fuzzy haired dude with the soothing voice; Bobby. Anyway, they were my picks before tonight.

After their singing? Let's find out!

1. Ricky Who is a Bit of a Pretty Boy.
So Sick - Neyo

I love this song. The girls will love this song. The girls will vote for him. Therefore he will probably get through. He actually did a good job of it, I liked it. But it wasn't THAT eventful, because I have nothing more to say about him.

The end.

2. The Dude Who is So Up Himself That I May Just Puke (aka James).
Kryptonite - Three Doors Down

Everytime someone sings one of the songs I have on my playlist, I'm usually a horrible critic because they spoil it. This was another one of those moments. He makes me cringe. How the hell they let this loser into the Top 24 is beyond me. Ruined that song. He's not very tv-genic, and I could not STAND the way he was singing in an American accent. Bugged the crap out of me.

Intense, my ass.

3. Chris the Goony Mover.
I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin DeGraw

See? Another song that I loved. Sort of spoiled. I had small seizures just watching this guy prance around on stage. What the hell was up with his moving? It's just too much! He kind of wobbles around while he sings. Didn't really like it. Seems a bit full of himself, as well.


4. Sideshow Bobby Who Has a Voice Like An Angel.
Under the Milky Way - The Church

Can I just say that I had written down my oh-so-witty title (the Sideshow Bobby part) BEFORE Kyle came out with that comment? I swear! Mum says I'm channeling the judges. Anyway.

I LOVE THIS GUY! He's off the planet, so insanely weird but I love weird! Fabulous. Ever since his first audition, I've been hoping he'd get through, and he did an awesome job. I hope he gets through, I want to see him and his hair make the finals. It's funny how I could never stand Guy Sebastian's haircut, but I think Bobby is endearing? I'm weird. Only thing is about tonight that I don't know that the kids will even know that song, so he might not get votes. Wildcard maybe?

I'd vote for him.

5. Joseph The Nice Young Schoolboy Cutiepie.
Let Me Love You - Mario

I feel like I know this kid, even though I don't - one of the girls at work knows him (sort of) so maybe that's where it comes from. He's just so shy and quiet and cute. And very sweet, that song about mothers he sang? Awww! He was so damn nervous, I felt a bit sorry for him, you could tell the judges were going easy on him. He'll probably get the girly vote, I hope he gets through.

He's better off with his guitar, I think.

6. Mutto With The Boil and Mouldy Haircut.
Meant To Live - Switchfoot

Do I dare mention that this is another of the songs on my Itunes? And I hated him singing it too. Get off the floor, moron! I was counting how many times he did a little squat in his 2 whole minutes; it was about 7 times. No-one cares. That's not a song to serenade the audience too!? Bleh! He looked stupid. Don't like him. He's actually a teacher? Wow!

But still no.


Ricky and Joseph will get through - and Bobby as a Wildcard? I thought the others weren't even in the same league as these guys. If it were my choice I'd go number 1 with kooky Bobby. I'm still intrigued by his weirdness.


I forgot to give out my tool points for this evening. I've decided to award them to the producers of David Tench. What the fuck were they thinking? That cartoon thing haunts me in my dreams, blech. And the latest ad? I swear Claudia Karvan looks like she just woke up from a very long night out, if you know what I mean. Watch it and see!

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~Kathryn~ said...

you truly are channelling the judges -that is three nights in a row that you've said something THEN one of the judges say it - sideshow bobby is just so 'out there' i love him

Ngaire Brown said...

Aly you are so the new Raylene! Your comments are just too funny and will continue to keep many of us entertained throughout this whole series of idol.
And no I didnt choke on my muesli this morning as I had to wait until I got to work before I could check your blog.

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