Sunday Scribblings: Who Else Can I Still Be?

Instead of going off into fiction-land, this time it's all about me. You've been warned!

I'd love to say that I could still be anyone.

I write love to, because in reality I know that isn't possible. I'm not being negative, possibly just pragmatic? Let me explain.

I could never be a ballerina, for example. Call me crazy, but I don't quite think that Aly in a tutu is anyone's cup of tea. As well as the fact that the only dancing I can do, is the form that looks alright after many a few er, 18+ beverages.

Realistically, though? There are lots of things I could still become.

# I could be a mother/ aunty/wife.
# I could be a better teacher.
# I could be a writer.
# I could be a great traveller.
# I could be a road tripper.
# I could be a proud pet momma. (I sort of am already, but .. on my own.)

There are also lots of things about myself that could change, that I could become. They could be for better or for worse (heck, all of the future is unpredictable) but they are definitely worth pondering.

# I could become someone's confidante.
# I could become more patient.
# I could become a fitness fanatic.
# I could become a party animal.
# I could become a person who is not terrified of going to the dentist. (Think that's random? I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I am still. freaking. out.)

But ..

When I think about what I actually want to be some day? I think (with all of its cheese factor) the main answer is this;

To be happy.

And you know? I'm getting closer to that every day. I like the road I've taken, even if it has had some hard turns. I'm comfortable where I am right now, even if there are things in my life that I need to tweak and untangle.

Some days I just want to speed up everything -- I want to be ME in five years, in ten years. I want to be out of this phase of life, and into the next. But lately, I've been happy just living for one day at a time. I wonder if that will change eventually, too? I suppose these are just even more of my ramblings..

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