100 Comment Anniversary!

Woohoo!  Thanks to the lovely Enn, I have hit my milestone!

I have had 100 comments on this blog. Amazing! *clears throat* I'd just like to say thanks to my mum for making me want to use Typepad, and my friends for commenting -- okay, this sounds remarkably like a lame award winning speech but I am excited! I am honoured just to have people stop by here and read every so often when they get the chance. I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to babble on about anything and have it there to (hopefully) amuse and interest people. Hoorah for freedom of speech!

Today at school was insane. I had three D. tantrums (although they were mini ones, that's not the point) which I handled remarkably well, I thought. I was cool and calm and collected. Three kids were rude to me today on playground duty, yet I continued to remain calm and collected (though yelled at lunchtime, yes, I'll admit that) - and I am happy to say that one boy got a strike (next strike equals suspension) and two other girls are on warnings. I hate to sound mean but they completely deserved it. Strike-boy started a tackle football match practically on top of kindy kids, then threw the football at me when I asked him to quit the game. Bitchy-girls gave me attitude because it was "their football" that I wouldn't let them play with, and decided it would be nice to mutter sweet nothings under their breath as they walked away. Perhaps they forgot that I could still hear them? Perhaps it was intentional? What the hell ever.

I was also delirious from period pain which has not lessened in the slightest. My stomach is really really badly bloated too -- so much so that I walked for 30 minutes yesterday and 30 minutes just now because it alarmed me how huge I looked. I know I can't blame the period for all of that (as much as I'd like to!) but I swear it wasn't that bad recently. Ack. It'll be good to get back into the daily routine of walking anyway. My Ipod-song-mime-walk routine is back in business.

And now I am going to go relax with my feet up because I am absolutely knackered.

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~Kathryn~ said...

so does this make me 101 ?!?!?

loved your speech ;-)

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