I am going insane and there are still two weeks to go!

I'm on this paranoid parent-teacher kick right now, although I'm not entirely worried about the parents (I can babble my way out of most things, usually) but I'm more worried about my stupid perfectionist problem of having each and every book marked before next Monday, as well as every single tray cleaned, as well as every desk straight, as well as every wall decorated -- you get the idea. I'm a freak I tell you! And it's doing my head in.

Nothing else too eventful though. I had a shocker of a day, but I can't exactly tell you why. I woke up feeling average (despite having about 10 hours sleep last night) and looked like death. A few people asked me if I was sick, or "what's wrong?" so I must have really looked awful, even the principal told me to perk up, only two weeks left until we get a bit of a break. I don't even know what's wrong, I just feel bleh. But wait, I'm female, do I need a reason?

Randomness for the day:

We do sentences every few days with our spelling words, where we try and use them in different ways. One of our spelling words was fake this week. So far, this is the best sentence that N. in my class came up with. She's one smart chook!

"Sometimes my parents tell fake things to me so I will be quiet". HA!

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Hana said...

heya aly...
just wanted to let you know i'm going overseas on Wednesday and won't be back til early August (yes, i know i never sit still)

SO, i just want to wish you a happy birthday in advance because i obviously will not be here in time to do so. Hope you enjoy it heaps :)


ps. i really am enjoying reading your blog, you're doing an awesome job!!

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