Loves and Peeves

I found this nifty post from a fellow teacher out there (Thanks Kathy!) and thought I'd steal it, to post up here. It made me think alot, and it's funny how many things I agreed with from her blog! I'll try and think of some "unique" ones.. Enjoy!

My Top 5 Teaching Loves

  1. Hearing the kidlets say that they missed me when I was off sick for a week.

  2. When the kidlets amaze me, by being on task and doing exactly what I ask of them every so often! Most times, there is always at least one person who has a problem, sometimes it's all of them just having a bad day -- but those days where the lesson you had planned runs off without a hitch. Priceless!

  3. When the kidlets get excited about their learning. "Miss, can we please do some more reading??"

  4. When I get to use stamps, give stickers, give awards and give PRAISE. Love that!

  5. The thousands of little drawings, anecdotes, stories and all that jazz that I have recieved, and it's only been six months!!

My Top 5 Teaching Peeves

  1. THE HEADACHES. (And the sickness too, I suppose) I've gone through so much medicine this year -- and again, it's only been six months!!

  2. The parents who expect miracles from their children when they don't: a) Send them to school with the right sorts of food to eat. b) Send them to school ON TIME. c) Send them to school with A FREAKING PENCIL. Gah.

  3. Having no support for kids who NEED support.

  4. Kidlets with messy books. Must have neatness! Must write on lines! Must not be messy. Ha. (Yes, I realise I have a Year 1/2 class - but some kidlets take their time and others just.. have icky books.)

  5. People that tell me I have an easy job. ajshsajkhgffd.

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Cate said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA--easy job! You've gotta be kidding me.

I was a speech-pathologist in a primary school, and I so concur with all of your points! The little anecdotes are the best--I still laugh when I think about some of the things that I saw or that the kids told me!

It is so evident that you love your job! Your "kidlets" are lucky to have you!

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