Idiot Drivers

Anyone knows me, knows that I get irritated by a lot of things.

I won't list them, since you'll be here for quite a while if I do. But my biggest pet hate? Idiot drivers. Why the hell are these people on the roads if a) They don't know how to drive b) They're driving like maniacs to show off c) They're driving like idiots JUST BECAUSE. Gah. Why get in a car and endanger other people's lives just because you're a.. well, in Eboni (of Australia's Next Top Model fame)'s words, a fuckhead.

This non-startling revelation came after driving home from J.'s place last night and having this idiot driver who DID NOT KNOW THE ROAD RULES WHILE MERGING ONTO A FREEWAY (A freeway! Geez!) making me use my smartness (ha!) to avoid being run off the road! Picture this: An empty three-way freeway (it was after 10pm) - a four wheel drive in the closest lane to the merging lane, and me - driving down the merging lane about to move onto the freeway. There are three things that should have happened here.

  1. The four wheel drive could have just indicated and moved into the middle lane, leaving the "slow" lane nearest the merging lane open for me to move into.

  2. The four wheel drive could have sped up, and cleared the merging area completely.

  3. The four wheel drive could have slowed down, and cleared the merging area completely.

Instead, this is what happened. I saw the four wheel drive and braked, anticipating he would speed up and clear the area. Instead, he slowed down. Therefore, I sped up to merge in front of him since there was enough room. After I sped up however, HE SPED UP - rather quickly too, and my room to merge ran out. This left me slamming on my brakes again, seeing as by now the merging lane had almost run out - just leaving the narrow side of the freeway. After he cruised (slowly) passed me, I had to pull out behind him after travelling nearly 100m on the edge. I honestly think that if there had been a car behind me, there would have been an accident. What the hell was that person's problem?

(My personal thoughts were that he fell into the "c" category from above - Driving like an idiot JUST BECAUSE. The way he slowed down, and then sped up to cut me off, AND the fact that he refused to just change into the empty lane next to him like any normal person would.. Gah. Some days, I just want to scream.


So. Being the internet dork that I am, I decided to Google Search idiot dirvers and see what I could come up with. These are the favourite posts so far.

# Idiot Driver Dot Com Dot Ay-Yew
Here, you can go online and register when you see an idiot driver. I didn't go in and signup because I am lazy, but who knows what sort of stuff goes on in there. I found this post quite amusing too, from people on a chat forum who linked to that site:

Person 1: Excellent site. Should be used lots.
Person 2: Geez! What ever happened to just flipping someone off for not indicating? That's far more satisfying.
Person 1: Flip them off and report them on this site.

# Geeks with Blogs
(People who tail-gate and rear-end, REALLY piss me off.)

"Whilst I was in the drive-thru at the local McDonalds yesterday waiting
on my daily dose of good wholesome nutrition, I was rear ended twice by
the same driver. The first time, I let it go, and gave the chick the
finger. The second time, though, I couldn't let it go. I got out and
had some very choice words for her which made her cry. Yes, I am a
monster, but if you do something like that, you deserve anything I can
dish out."

# Someone's Random Thoughts
All of the wonderful things people think they can do while they're driving. Very interesting.

# Idiot Drivers by Durst
Ha! See? Am not alone. And I thought I was.. sheesh.

"You know what drives me nuttier than squirrel breath?
Idiot drivers. More precisely, idiot drivers who for some strange
reason have a vendetta against me. You think I'm being paranoid?"

# An Ojar Dot Com Rant
A list of things which are irritating. And I second them all. Okay, except I don't really condone anyone being run off the road (especially my little encounter last night) BUT people who don't go the speed limit, whether it is UNDER or OVER, are annoying.

"I think people who drive in the fast lane going the speed limit, or
under, deserve to get run off the road... that is what the slow lane is
for stupid!!!"


I think I'm about googled out now, and that was only from the first page. But seriously? If you are an idiot driver and somehow came across my blog? I hate you. And if you are the four wheel driver owner in Sydney who was a fuckhead (as mentioned previously), all I can say is KARMA baby.

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~Kathryn~ said...

yes yes dear
i know ... i know ...

it will all be alright

Jess said...

I hate moron drivers! But then again, I'm the type of airhead who has been known to accidentally run red lights so I'm probably not one to talk -- generally I'm very sensible on the road and can't stand people who aren't. P Platers are my worst nightmare!

January said...

When I encounter an idiot driver, my first thought is: what is so important that you have to justify driving recklessly? Is someone gravely ill? Is someone trying to kill you so you're running from the bad guys? I mean, what is more important than me getting home safely to my kids?

Also, I try to remember that I have to be the model of civility, so I try not to overreact but it's tough with so many f*ckh**ds on the road.

desiree said...

Hello! I just linked over from your comment on Amalah and am delighted.

Quite like this post. Absolutely abhor bad drivers (get off the phone! stop using your CURLING IRON! omg you have a curling iron in your car? Ahhhhhhhh!)

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