A little Delayed

Gah! I am a bad Aly who almost forgot to update for.. a whole day! -gasp-

I woke up this morning with a headache, it started pinging me with tiny little ouches from about 7.30am when I was driving to work. Got to school, did my pre-school preparation, went to Buddy Reading and did all of that, and then 9am came.

And with it, the horrible, very ouchy headache that was probably a migraine that grew constantly worse all day which left me being at home by 3.20pm with a night mask on. It was absolutely horrid. I am writing this now at 7pm, as I was knocked out by Panadeine Forte (or something, I don't remember) at around 4.20pm. I guess the Panadeine Forte mixed with the Panadol and the Nurofen I had going around in my system across the day, worked.

Why is that the days I have a headache, the kids were completely rowdy and off the walls? My little hand-bell is all rung out after today, but ugh. I'm keeping this short because tomorrow I'm going to write a Sunday Scribblings and because I'm still really, really tired. Back to bed I go (after eating some NutraGrain cereal for dinner since mum didn't cook for me).

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Jess said...

"because Mum didn't cook dinner for me" ... that strikes me as ungrateful, however, I feel that same disgruntledness when my Mum tells me it's a free-for-all. My eyes always dart accusingly and expectantly like, Hello woman, why didnt you cook!?!! Like she has nothing better to do with her time than cook and look wait on me hand and foot!!!!!

The nerve of parents!!!!!

I hope your migraine has got better.

Aly said...


She didn't cook for me because I was supposed to be going to J's place (before the dreaded migraine)

NutraGrain was good, no complaints from me. :P

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