One Day Down

Two more to go. And then another two.

Soooo. I am alive! After parent-teacher interviews started this afternoon. I had four lined up, but then I had one parent turn up late, another turn up unexpected (even though she was not due until tomorrow) and my classroom turned into a babysitting room for younger siblings. Anyway, things went well. I only have two tomorrow - one at 3.15 and another at 4.45. Ack! I'm going to try and ask the other parent if they could manage to do it at 3.30 instead, because that's an awful long time to sit around and wait. Wednesday is the killer, with interviews lined up from 3.15-5.30 on the quarter hour.

It wasn't as hard as I expected - I just asked a lot of questions of the parents and told them any concerns and any great things. For the most part, my class is fantastic, just for the behaviours of some of them. And (not surprisingly) the kids who I am concerned about behaviourally and academically have parents who aren't interested in having the interview at all!

Today was a planning day for us. Nothing has been said to me, so I sort of just assumed that I will be looking after 1/2S for next term? I organised my spelling and handwriting, as well as beginning some literacy group work as well. If I can just organise my maths timetable over the holidays, I should be well on my way to planning well! I really like my guys there, it's funny how you grow attached to them. The parents seemed to think I was doing an okay job too, noone threatened to fire me or anything like that. Hoorah!

Other than that, I have nothing to really say except that it's really quite cold. Oh, and I was reading some low level guided reading books today thinking about what to do next term, and I could SO write those books. I wonder if there is a career in that?

I see an apple.
I see an orange.
Look! I see a pear!
I see some grapes.
I see some cherries.
Look! I see a watermelon!

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Jen said...

That has some variation. How about this great one Ive read every day for the last 2 weeks?

I am drinking.
I am eating.
I am crying.
I am laughing.
I am reading.
I am listening.
I am yawning.
I am sleeping.

It's called "Me".

And before that, we went through mum and dad each doing similar things, with a little bit of jogging, running, cooking and painting on the side. (those were called "Mum" and "Dad", just incase you ever want to find and read those thrilling titles yourself)

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