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Wooo! It is 8.30pm (bedtime!) and I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

I was being creative. Truly, I was. I decided to make a potato bake to go with dinner, so endeavoured to get the camera and take "steps". Except. The camera is downstairs. I am upstairs. And I am tired. Perhaps the potato bake entry will come tomorrow. Or the day after.

So onto more rambling-ness.

My kids were really off the planet today. I jokingly told mum today was "National Feral Kid Day" because honestly, off the walls is an understatement. Even the Preschool where I had a lunchtime duty was insane, too! Must have been something in the air. Today's highlight was a spur of the moment art lesson which came to me after reading the kids "Elmer" - a book about a very cute patchwork elephant. We did our reading, our comprehension, and the kids really loved all the bright colours, so I whipped out my A3 paper and a pencil and proceeded to draw a very average sketch of Elmer. I photocopied them, and then we all grabbed the oil pastels and went on to make our very own herd of colourful elephants. Just in time for Parent-Teacher night in a few weeks, seeing as when they're done our classroom will look very, very bright. Was good!

Tomorrow after recess we get to sing and dance and watch a one hour show of performing arts, which basically means that tomorrow will also be a write off. The kidlets will be super excited (which is great) but it also means that afterwards, they'll be right off. That's ok. We'll have their performance, then we will be writing recounts about what happened. Sounds like a plan!

Speaking of (something being in the) air -- I woke up to ICE on my car windshield this morning. Standing in the 1 degree air holding a hose and spraying water everywhere is NOT my idea of a wake up call. Gah. Ice, can you believe it? It's not like we live in the mountains or anything, and it only frosts on the grass, never the roads but still. I guess now, it really is winter.

I've rounded up a few people we know (mainly family and friends of the family) to go to a Trivia Night on this Friday. A night out, yes! I am really really looking forward to it, we went to one last year and we sucked so much, it was hilarious. I am determined to do better than last time though, haha. So, if all goes well, Trivia Night will be a big success. I've got two days to memorise random facts.

So therefore, I ask:

Does anyone have any random facts I might need to know for a Trivia Night?

Comments welcomed, very very much.

Edit: Damn you Typepad, DAMN YOU for scaring me into believing my post was wiped when it was actually there all along except that I had accidently hit the back button instead of the re-edit and I was freaking out because damned if I was going to retype all the stuff I had just typed and I really probably wouldn't have remembered half the things I had posted in the first place anyway. -breathes-

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Sara said...

Alyyy :*

I remember reading Elmer :o Cept we didnt have to draw him, thank god, my elephant wouldve looked like a cow with a stick coming out of its face, or something ridiculous like that :D

We always get ice on our car if we park outside... thats what garages are for hun :) If ya don't have one, I s'pose you'll just have to resort to hosing the car down every morning :P

Gdluck in your trivia nite, I'm sure you'll kick ass :D Want a random fact?

"The distance between an alligator's eyes in inches is directly proportional to the length of the alligator in feet."

Have fun hun :)

Jen said...

OMG we made elephants today as well! except we painted paper bags grey, then glued on ears, legs, eyes, a tail and a folded trunk. Lots of colourful, picasso style elephants now hang from the roof.

And we wrote a recount as well. Actually... we talked about recounts, copied a few words off the board which took up 3/4 the page, then complained about lost elephant body parts.

how the hell do you do this all day, Im buggered and I only had 3 lessons today. Granted, I have someone assessing my every move which makes me more stressed and making sure I do everything perfectly. Time for bed.

Cate said...

Oh, tonight is trivia night and I have no random facts to offer you! Sorry. Apparently, I would suck at the games, too!

I'm filing "National Feral Kid Day" into my mental rolodex. That's brilliant. My own boys don't seem to realize that the "holiday" has passed! xo

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