Two Down...

ONE TO GO! And then two more days.

So, round two of parent-teacher interviews is now also down. And this time, I came home feeling pretty good minus the rather large headache that has whacked me over the eyes. Gah. I was only supposed to have an easy day, one which would finish at 3.30pm, because I had someone turn up early yesterday. Instead, I got two LAST MINUTE (annoyance) notes back from two more parents just telling me they'd be turning up today. In the afternoon. As in, I couldn't say no because -- no time! It wasn't too bad, except for the fact that I had three before four, oh, and one at 4.30pm. =/

My last appointment was also with a mother who spoke absolutely no English past "hello" and "thankyou". Hey, I can't even say "hello" or "thankyou" in Vietnamese, so she's better than I am! But all would have been fine, since the school has a Vietnamese teacher whose job is to translate between parents and teachers. Sounds dandy, doesn't it? Would have been, had the teacher show. Thankfully, H's older sister came along, so we had a fantastic 14 year old Vietnamese translator. How good is that?

Tomorrow is a half day strike, I'm not striking because I supposedly had an interview in the morning although I'm not sure that they will turn up. Instead, I think I basically get to babysit the kids that are brought to school, since lessons aren't on until 12pm. I'm sort of hoping a lot of parents keep the kids at home, because I can imagine the headache coming back keeping those kids occupied for three hours. It seems sort of pointless really. You're only giving the kids 2 hours of learning time anyway, since 40 minutes is spent having lunch. Oh well. I would be striking if I could, because I think the whole workplace laws situation is ridiculous.

I don't like to speak about politics but John Howard is a complete idiot. And I'll leave it at that. Probably hasn't worked as a "normal" person for a day in his life. ((end grumbles))

Now my head hurts, and I have to go put on some potatoes and vegetables so my mum doesn't freak out when she gets home. I'd actually just like to go to bed. Hope your day has been fabulous, whoever may be reading this.

And can I say how cranky I am that I missed my 2000th page view? 2000!!!!! Thankyou, oh loyal readers and google-searchers who only find this journal because they are searching for "Stabilo", "Black Fingernails Red Wine" and "Songs about feeling lonely". And the rest of ya'll, too. Much love!

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