Random car stuff because I am boring.

Why is it that when I actually find the time to sit down and update, all my wittiness flies out the window? Damnit.

Another week down - that means that next week is Week 6. Only 9 weeks of term 2 as well, meaning that I have a month to go. That's 20 school days! Only 20. Crap. That makes me realise I have an awful lot of stuff to do before the term finishes. Drat, drat, drat.

So, dad and I decided to go to the RTA today and swap the registration plates over from my old car to my new car. Reason for this? Because I will at least be able to remember what my old number plates actually are, rofl. So, dad got 1 of the plates off the NEW car (I did ask why he didn't just take both off, he said he only needed one for proof that the new car actually exists) and we drive down to the RTA. Where we stood. And waited. For like, 45 minutes. There were no chairs left to sit on, the darned place was so full. RTAs are my worst nightmare. Seriously.

Anyway, we finally get up to the counter (I had time to go for a nice browse around Woolworths getting fresh food for my bunnies, oh and some NutraGrain for myself - WHAT? I'm having a craving for dry NutraGrain, alright??) and the lady was all - why haven't you got both sets of plates? Dad was like.. Why would we need both? The other car is right outside your door with the plates on it, and here is proof of the OTHER plates. And she got all snarky, and told us we'd need to come back with BOTH sets of plates before she could help us.

So then. We stomped back home (or, you know, drove back home) and dad had to get off the OTHER plate. Then we drove BACK to the RTA - had NO parking and had to park a bloody long way away this time. Get there, and there is STILL an insanely long queue. We stomped (really, this time) to a seat and grumbled about how useless the RTA people is, ESPECIALLY Madame Snark who made us go home again. Until, all of a sudden, she gestured us over to come back and fix it all up, being much more friendly this time around. Redeemed - just. Until I had to pay a lousy $50 just to fill in a fucking form to swap licence plates. Give me a break!

Oh and apparently Ebay (Australian) is having a free few days of adding adverts - so I'm putting my old car up there. If you know anyone in Sydney who wants a cheap runaround car, go visit the link that I'll add in here once I upload to Ebay. Yep.

SHOOT! I also forgot to add Jess's (ooh, lots of s's.. ooh, more s's!) bloglink. Must do that when I update. MUST DO THAT.

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Hana said...

OMG - free adverts!! cool, Anthony wants to sell his Toyota Celica... i'll let him know.

...and he always laughs at me for reading blogs, thinks im a weirdo... we'll see about that when i tell him how i found out about the FREE advert!! men, pft ;)

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