Winter. Boo. I shouldn't say that, since actually, I really love winter. I do! Give me coldness and heaters and blankets and hot chocolates any day over sweat and.. well, sweat. Summer is overrated.

But I have to say, winter makes me lazy. I should be up early every morning running (or at least walking) on my treadmill, since I haven't done a proper 30 minute walk/run in a few weeks. -hides- So. Being the female that I am, I must blame something.

a) My lazy ass.

b) My bed being so comfortable and warm and squooshy.

c) My alarm clock (or mobile) being annoying, and forcing me to turn it off.


You see? All winter's fault. You know - I used to whine (Ha! Go figure) when mum would get down on the treadmill at like 7am and do her exercising in the mornings because I WANTED TO USE IT THEN and oh well, since she's on there, I can't do it. Because I work. WORK. -picture me flouncing around and you'll get a better picture- So, exercising was out in the mornings because I? Am not getting up at 5am to exercise. It's not possible. I'm sorry, but no.

So now that mum is still recovering from her "wounds" (giggle) the treadmill is all free. Gathering dust, too. And have I used it in the mornings yet? Er, that would be a no. Damnit. I tried AGAIN this morning to set the alarm early and get up, and all I did was end up waking myself up before the alarm went off because I was thinking about it too much. That's something I hate doing, too. I even made a nice little "running" playlist on my Ipod, so I could just turn it on and have some funky music, instead of my same old mellow playlists. But I just - didn't.

So now it's 6.50am and in the time it took to write this entry, I could have walked for 20 minutes. Instead, I think I shall try this afternoon. No. I WILL do it this afternoon. I just hope it's not too cold.

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Jen said...

How the hell do you write journal entries in the morning? 2 days of early mornings/long days and Im absolutely buggered. I know you get used to it over time, and my brain is used to sleeping 1am-11am (at least) but why be up when you could be sleeping?

Fuck the treadmill, I have to walk 20 minutes to the bus stop anyway. And then home as well. Enough exercise for both of us, thanks.

oh and my feet hurt. I hate boots with even slight heels. Owwy.

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